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Sorry for the inconvenience, but We have tried it out in some Oculus models and other VR machines.  This is only a demo, as we are currently building the rest of the game, as of now.

Like Tetris, it works


Hey, Dudes

Im a maker of RPG games so can they be on there.

Thanks for following me, and cool game man!

Our newest games!!

your game reminds of one of those Studio Ghibli films like The Secret World of Arrietty or The  Cat Returns. Good Job!

This is better than my game... great job!

the straight dope

I think this tool can help me with stress


We all do sadly.

Why thanks! And Go check out my other works including my deviant art and my discord.

Do you want your game to be featured in our  game jam?

Would you like your game to be in our JRPG game jam.. because its looks quite like it.

ok thanks, go check out our other games.

in the mean time, go recruit some people for the game jam we have currently running.

We are trying our best to fix this problem. We might make a .zip file instead if that works for you

I've downloaded your game.

Yeah, it looks pretty good! Also, check out my RPG and JRPG game jam. Your's would be fitting for the game jam. this is my deviantart