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hey, looking into it

That would be amazing. I'd like to request this too please. 

Thanks very much. Spread the word if you like and let me know how you get on and any outcomes you come to. 

not much really, summer sale is mainly if people want to support my work. Everything was free until very recently and the jack in the box was just everything collected, not changed the description. I guess the summer sale includes steam keys for the games on steam. Go for the Jack in the box if you want a deal.

anti streamer measures


Sounds like you've hit a game breaking bug. Sorry about that. I'll see if I can fix it but it wont be for a while. when the voice over finishes it's meant to go into a new scene but sometimes it doesn't trigger.  Good work!

yeah, I don't have the resources to upload it to Steam. Sorry.

I'd like to but I can't afford it nor do I have the time. Perhaps you could help explain some bits to them.

ah, maybe I'm on an old version of nwjs. I'll check it out and get back to you. 

Doesn't work in NWjs. Do you think it will ever? Was going to use this for a commercial game but perhaps it is just a bit too experimental.

great, very fun.

Hey there,

Here is this from my Linux support:

"I think you might need a start script if you want to be able to launch the game from a file manager, but I didn't think that was important to most Linux users.

If you do need one, something simple like


put into a file should be enough, and then both "nw" and "" would need to be made executable."

Hope that helps, 


hey, thanks for the interest. I've been really unwell this past week and decided to hold off releasing until I have a bit more energy. Sorry for the wait.

Kind regards,


What a fantastic reading of the game, very illuminating. Thank you very, very much for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks very much Leigh. 

Thanks very much Edwin! I'd love to hear your notes.

I just ran through the game and it didn't stick for me, I'll have to look into the files, sorry that it stuck for you, don't think you are missing much but it's still a shame though. I think the save feature is botched on the browser version sadly.

oh no, that's right at the end too. Damned at the last hurdle. I'll look into it, thanks for letting me know.

thanks very much