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and this was right after saving? Working on a patch now which I hope will work, fingers crossed. Your save slot will carry over. 

hey, Really sorry this happened to you, thanks for letting me know. I haven't heard of this happening before. There was a memory leak in Touf Lajjel after saving for one person that stopped the player moving. Can you explain to me what you did moments prior to the movement stopping in Bou Sepez? I'll look into it straight away. 

hey, thanks for the interest. I've been really unwell this past week and decided to hold off releasing until I have a bit more energy. Sorry for the wait.

Kind regards,


What a fantastic reading of the game, very illuminating. Thank you very, very much for sharing your thoughts!

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Thanks very much Leigh. 

Thanks very much Edwin! I'd love to hear your notes.

I just ran through the game and it didn't stick for me, I'll have to look into the files, sorry that it stuck for you, don't think you are missing much but it's still a shame though. I think the save feature is botched on the browser version sadly.

oh no, that's right at the end too. Damned at the last hurdle. I'll look into it, thanks for letting me know.

thanks very much