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Here’s my entry for Arcade Jam 2022!

Here’s an analysis of the game’s design and to highlight some choices that were made.

Cabinet design

The following buttons would be required:

  • Up
  • Down
  • Confirm/Fireball
  • (Option)

The game was designed to be displayed at 4:3 resolution to match the standard screen resolution for arcade machines.

Gameplay phases

Advertise screen

  • Advertise screen with animated sprite.
  • After 8 seconds of idle time a random video of gameplay is played.
  • Moves to Idle screen on Add Credit

Idle screen

  • Moves to Game screen on Confirm/Fireball input. This also uses one credit.
  • After 8 seconds of idle time the game moves back to the Advertise screen.

Game screen

  • Gameplay as described in “Concept”
  • Player uses up/down to lift/drop dragon.
  • When fireball is charged it can be fired on Confirm/Fireball input
  • Moves to Score screen after 30 seconds of gameplay

Score screen

  • Displays ranking, score, collisions, tickets received and whether jackpot achieved.
  • Moves to Idle screen on Confirm/Fireball input.

Option screen

  • Can be reached on any screen on Option input.
  • All required statistics are recorded and displayed (total game run time, total credits consumed, total plays, average game play time, and average, highest and lowest tickets paid out)
  • Adjustable options include speed increase per successful evasion, speed reduction per collision, ticket output for all game rankings, jackpot collision threshold, values can be scrolled through with Up/Down and changed with Confirm/Fireball
  • Return to Idle screen on Option input

Flappy Dragon was made as an entry for Arcade Jam 2022. Thank you to The Arcade Vaults (Cardiff) and Sega Amusement for putting on this event!

As an aside it was great to work in Unity again for the first time in about over a year!

Rich, 8th April 2022

ah great work!!


You're all the best and best of luck for the launch!


ah thank you so much! In case you want a challenge I’ve just added a timer (press ‘t’ to toggle its visibility). I’ll check out your entry later on!

Ah thanks! I guess I should have included the rules!

- In "fizz buzz" you start at 0 and count up to a number (in this case 30)

- If a number is divisible by 3 then instead of the number you say "Fizz" (in this game through either clicking or typing "f")

- If a number is divisible by 5 then instead of the number you say "Buzz" (in this game through either clicking or typing "b")

- If a number is divisible by both 3 and 5 (i.e. 15) then instead of that number you say "FizzBuzz" (in this game through either clicking or typing "f" followed by "b")

- When you've made your guess you submit it by clicking or pressing "ENTER" and if you're right then you move onto the next number!

So to start off you would go:

1 (enter)

2 (enter)

Fizz (enter)

4 (enter)

Buzz (enter)

Fizz (enter)

7 (enter)

8 (enter)

... and so on!

Good luck and fizz buzz DRAGON well!


Great work!

Da da ... DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHduhduhduhduhduhduhduhduhdo

Ah thank you! Yeah, inverted mine sweeper was absolutely what I ended up going for!

Ah thank you so much!

Nice work! Yeah somewhere between 10-18 is the standard - hilariously luck based vs skill for the most part, but still great to hear what people are scoring!