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Marshall Hiatt (Jackledead)

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i got a bug!

cant change export as gif settings in android because keyboard doesnt pop up. motorola edge (2022). any tips? it goes full screen and i think thats part of it

This is amazing.

its copyrighted, so you can’t sell it, but I give you permission to distribute it freely for no cost.

i literally couldnt find this for 20 mins because i was searching “swade character sheet” so yeah maybe a good idea

tag this with “swade” is my suggestion

may i suggest you add a preview

love it, love the edit

Very useful and cool for any postapocalypse fans. LOve the getting weird expansion.

Due tomorrow, post unfinished or not!

great points, this is an older project of mine and i may not get around to fixing those mistakes but if get time i will check it out. thanks!

what will you post?

Very cool

Glad to hear! check out my other games if you want more roleplay and less wargame!

It was a good run, some of us got our products reviewed and we ended up ranked. Some did not. Bless you and long live the post apocalypse! If youre ever looking for like minded people i have a discord server link in my profile to my personal server where we can talk about projects, games. Anyway, cheers, yo!

please rate!

If youve enjoyed this game please give it a rating in the apocalypse ttrpg jam!

I lowered the price to a buck so people may rate it with less of a hit to the wallet. Plays like a resident evil RPG. Explore the outbreak and save the day, or just yourself.

Best wishes to you all.

You might want to join our jam it ends in 3 days

Built a game. Here:

just slammed caltrop core and mutant year zero together and posted it.

Deadline coming up soon.

you can use this and credit me and the hacked cartographer and the royal cartographer game if it retains any of the text or imaging.

if you just take the words from this and reformat it, credit us anyway but at that point its yours. both are free, public use

I put an extra 3-4 pages onto my main project for the jam a few days ago. just gotta look for the inspiration and use it when i got it.

yay. :3

Very well made. Following.

just started a sale on it too!

i think Ruin sounds like a lovely stat. would it be 0-X or -X through X where its like a scale (like karma in fallout).

Just released it! check it out.

Hi. no, hex kit doesnt handle flat topped hexes well, especially of this size. i am releasing a hand drawn hex kit tileset soon!

PS I started cranking out Game Jam content and general projects less than a month ago and ill tell you ill never stop or slow down.

Honestly i love the way Simple World, a PBTA hack does it, 4 or 5 abstract stats that represent how your actions are percieved usually.

So “Freak” “Fury” “Precision” and so on.

Just a thought. Great post.

Savage worlds comes to ming with the spirit stat being used in the latest Super Power Companion to connect to Focus for super power usages of most kinds, besides fighting, shooting and athletics and magic if you wanna.

Me and a friend have found it very useful for our new exploration-based GMless game.

A 1% Sale…

(1 edit)

I made a short hack of this game and would like to distribute it for free on itch and refer to your product to help you get views. may i show it to you for your approval? Email me at to chat.

may i suggest the city building tag it may get you attention

no download link

Just wanted to share. Felt proud.

Its a simple GMless or GMed, Solo or Small group Rules Lite game focused on building the story each time you roll the dice.

status on this?