This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-12-21 21:58:37 to 2022-02-01 07:00:00. View results

A game jam to see who can make the best apocalypse/post-apocalypse TTRPG(Tabletop Roleplaying Game) itch project before Jan 31.

Games and materials like tables and npcs all allowed. 


No videogames.

Must be playable digitally and analog (On or offline) (PDF, Word Doc, Excell sheet, image, Pen and paper, index card rpgs, etc.)

Can be new or old. Multiple submissions are fine.


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Solo Sci-fantasy Solarpunk Journaling adventure mashing 24XX, Ironsworn and The Adventurer
Solarpunk sci-fantasy mashup of BitD and 24XX in a post-post apocalypse world.
An adventure of vampires and cyberpunk dystopia 🧛
A solo roleplaying game of survival in the zombie apocalypse.
a post-apocalyptic journal adventure.
Adventures below the waves of a sunken earth.
Squirrels of the Post-Apocalypse
a guide to mech piloting in the age of legends
Enjoy frenzied action while you strive to survive in a desolate wasteland.
A zombie survival-horror RPG with unkillable enemies
A Solo TTRPG where you try to survive a journey through a harsh, snowy wilderness.
A solo game where you explore the ruins of civilisation using a card deck and a six-sided die.
Post-apocalyptic survival journaling game 💀
A hack of What's So Cool About Outer Space?
A game about sharing memories of the past in an post-apocalyptic world
A solo game where you try to survive the zombie apocalypse using a card deck and a six-sided die.
Explore the underwater ruins of what was once a towering edifice.
A solo game where you explore the wasteland after the Final Wars using a card deck and a six-sided die.
Weird speculative roleplaying in a hopeful post-apocalypse.
An apocalyptic fantasy roleplaying game.
A Solo Doodle-Mapmaking Event-Based Resource Management Survival RPG
post apoc hex crawl for any ttrpg system in pamphlet size
Tabletop game inspired by classic horror videogame franchise.
An Expansion for The Stumbling Undead One Shot
A Setting Hack of Apocalyptic Horror and Opportunities
Lo-Fi Sci-Fi RPG after the apocalypse.
Lo-Fi Sci-Fi RPG during the zombie apocalypse.
A solo game where you try to delay your survival bunker's inevitable collapse.
Collaborative Storytelling of the people who helped us survive the cataclysm.
Fight for what remains in this futuristic post-apocalypse
Murder a world. Prepare the next.
A TTRPG about only the most wicked of wizards.
A Psychic Splat For BXLLET
Gothic Horror in Post-apocalyptic New Orleans
A Post-Apocalyptic Western for the SHIVERS system. Based on the Dark Tower series.