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"...with the tiniest of steps like we're penguins." I loved this line! The ending definitely surprised me. I think you did a great job of putting your own spin on the Resident Evil / The Thing inspiration. There were many well written parts and I wanted more by the end. I think that's a really good thing! Clara rocks, even if a little scary!

As someone who's interested in Interactive Fiction, I also liked how you stuck to the major points and didn't make any dialogue or description too long. It felt comfortable to play and more like watching a movie.

As for feedback, I only had trouble with one thing which was making sense of the navigation mechanic. It took me a few minutes to understand where I was going. After I started looking at the map, I realized my options were related to where I was. I know it must seem obvious to the developer but I really was lost!

Maybe highlighting the entire section we're currently on with a different color would help instead of the flashing icon. Also,  giving a slightly different tint to the protagonist's portrait could emphasize we're Erika??

Your neocities mentions you're Korean! I'm playing this from Seoul! 

Also, I'm working on Interactive Fiction content myself, if you're interested, I could keep you in the loop once I'm further along. Great game! :)

I understand, thank you so much for your fast reply! :)

I noticed this asset is no longer available on the Unity Store. Is there any chance of it coming back? Great job by the way!

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Me gustaría pagar con tarjeta pero no puedo ver opcion. The adventure looks great! :)

Cool! Thank you so much! And you're welcome! I'll be working on it this week and show you soon :)

This looks great!! Would it be okay to create third-party material someone could use for this game? I didn't see a license. Regardless, it's well done! I'll definitely run it one day. :)

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I'm humbled! Thank you for taking so much to write this. Shudderspeed opens a lot of doors into conceptualizing activities beyond rolling dice. I really enjoyed reading through all the expansions and alternative rules. It made my week finding something so cool. I also really appreciate the format of collective design this project has inspired in others. I think it's something that should be emulated across other projects and creators. It's brilliant.

Thank you again, the comments brought a shine to my day. :)

This got me excited enough to put together my first itch project, thank you! :) I could feel all the Fatal Frame chills.

Really well laid out! I was impressed with how you expressed the genre. The dice tables all look really good too. Very smart design. :) Thank you!

Really cool! Just the right length :)

Wow! I loved the inclusion of physical action, storytelling, and keepsake. We need more games like this. Great job! Thank you :)

adorable! the design and look especially! I'm in love with this little booklet. thank you!

thanks for putting this together! looks cool :)

Thank you for making something so human and touching. It felt like holding little pages of stardust. I think when something is written from such a deep place, it has the ability to move everyone regardless of how they identify.

It's games like these that show how this media has transcended into something that is art. I hope it's enough that a few dedicated people notice you but I wish the world could too. :)

Very sweet! I would love to play with this pb!

Simple to understand and use! Looks great! :)

Very well put together with concise and emotive descriptions :)

Amazing! And so personal. Thank you. I think it's incredible that this experience transcends both conceptually and visually all of our expectations. The world is a better place because you made this.

And I agree, forgiveness, forgiving ourselves and forgiving others is how we can be released of anxiety, of guilt, of hate. Such a beautiful message.

I tried to extract it but it told me some file paths were too long and failed to extract all files. Still, I opened it but it was just a blank window.

I'll add another voice here in support of revenue splitting. Let's keep this momentum going.

A solid collection of design ideas and unique quirks to tell a setting first-game. I really liked this. Great job! I'll try and spread the word around. I'd recommend sharing this at cons.

Really cool! I enjoyed the art style and writing a lot.