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Jack Morgan

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I suppose I could make one, but the game is quite short and there isn't much action (in the traditional sense) to show off.

If you're interested, there is a link to a video of gameplay in the game desc.

Thanks for playing!

Just finished up my first game!

After taking a few months of beginner Java at school, I decided to start my own game. To keep things simple I used a text-based interface with RPG gameplay. It's a dungeon crawler in a first-person perspective, with a map that is somewhat mazelike, with keys that open doors and switches that can be flipped to break down walls on other sides of the map. Battles are done in a simple text interface that neatly presents all the information you need without clutter. There is a shop system where you can buy potions, special moves, class changes and revives.

Overall, ASCII Dungeon is a short and simple game that's a bit challenging without any strategy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Page

Full Playthrough Video