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Fun game and great aesthetics!

I haven't put a license in the repo because I haven't fully decided what I want to do with this project in the future, so currently it's just there to look at but with no usage license. Why do you ask?

Move over Elf Bowling, this is the new xmas classic

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Hopefully this helps! Maybe I'll add this mini tutorial to the game page itself.

That's too bad :( It's definitely a different mechanic. I wish I would have had space for a tutorial level to get players in to the flow of how it works.

Looks awesome and plays well. Nice job getting audio in the 2k build.

Awesome work! Unique fun gameplay, good music and sfx, and nice and juicy feeling.

Neat idea, it really gives you a sense of exploring the space of small integers. Hard mode is super hard!

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Cool game! It was fun to play through.

Cool concept and nice take on the jam theme.

Fun puzzle game. The scoring mechanic is really cool.

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Awesome classic racing gameplay. Lots of fun and cool art style.

Super cool game, I just wish there were more levels to play!

Nice game, cool concept. I like that it's possible to develop some strategies once you get the hang of it.

Fun little game, I liked the enemy ship explosion particles.

Nice, I made it to 16643 after a few runs. Giving health back when you kill enough skulls was a nice touch. It seems like sometimes there will be clusters of floor enemies that there's no possible way to avoid though.

Thanks for the feedback! I've just uploaded a new build that should make it so space doesn't scroll the window. Let me know if it's not fixed for you.

I completely agree with you, and that's the plan. I barely got the enemies in at the last minute before the jam ended, so I didn't have enough time to have non-kill damage.

Fun game play. The day/night cycle was cool, especially the lighting on the flashlight and the flamethrower. I did find it easier to just run past all the enemies in order to get to the final boss. They didn't seem to do very much damage in proportion to how much effort it took to kill them. Could be fixed pretty easily with some balance adjustment though! Great overall!

Yeah I'm real sad I didn't have enough time to get sound in in time for submission! Once the rating period is up I'm planning on polishing up the game a bit so it feels more complete. The hit box thing was intentional in order for deaths to never feel cheap. I still manage to die all the time with the current hit box settings though!

I just used typescript and raw WebGL calls :) The source is here if you'd like to see  The architecture really fell apart in the last few hours of the jam, but that's the way these things go!