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this game is sick but I wish I could pause to take a sippy of my coffee

great game thanks

i kill him i kill everoyne

you bring dishonor upon yer family


this game shits on core defender (no disrespect) great work I loved it

muito foda fantasma chamado Fabio

this game is pretty cool

the lawyer that e-mails me will be put in a state of rigor mortis

thank you, unfortunately I played so many shitty vampire survivors clones that I lost faith in this project, do you think it could be good? lol

great game I loved it, you could easily develop this into a full game

<3 <3 <3 <3 thank you buddy

awesome work it feels great

Resurrection Rancher plays like a "farming sim" of sorts  in which instead of growing crops you resurrect people to repopulate a completely dead town

The player does this by harvesting resources from the forest and trading them with the grim reaper for souls (lol). As certain villagers get ressurected, new resources and events become available, which I thought was a very enjoyable part of the game

The game has a very relaxing and nostalgic feel thanks to the "daily life" gameplay loop and cute art style, although I did find somewhat unsettling to hear NPCs talk about the afterlife, being back from the dead and having new bodies, especially because they do so in a happy-go-lucky classic RPG tone LOL. The game does not call attention to this darker stuff though so it might just be my personal read of it

Besides the obvious stuff that would come with a full release (like more events, maps, being able to go inside buildings and stuff), the thing I'd wish for the most would be more movement options for the player, because the individual forest areas are quite big and it can get somehwhat tedious to walk around them everyday. I don't know if it would fit the characters well, but maybe the player could ride the gavel around like a witch on a broom or have the gavel knock you around for a "dash" (like the pagasus boots in zelda link to the past)

Overall I had a pleasant experience playing Resurrection Rancher, I managed to resurrect everyone in 12 in-game days (about 30 minutes in real life) and seeing the town slowly come to life was satisfying. Also the mysterious/morbid undertones made everthing a bit more interesting to me, but I'm not even sure that it is intentional or if I'm being schizophrenic

Very impressive and polished entry for a game jam, I ran into no bugs or performance problemas, good job everyone who worked on this!!!!!

Hey friend, I've checked out the Beedrill fight and there was indeed a bug there that prevented the fog walls from disappearing, I uploaded a fixed version to this page, thank you so much for reporting!

It means I lot to me that you played and liked my game, I love you

Incredible work, thank you so much!

congrats everyone!!!

my current high score is 7694, doubt anyone can beat it XD

but for real, this game is awesome, can't wait to unlock the air throw

Hi everyone!!

Starting December 5th, me and a few other PGM devs from the Unnoficial Pixel Game Maker MV Discord Server will be making a monthly showcase of the games we are making using this engine in video form.

The video will be posted in an unmonetized Youtube channel and shared through Twitter.

If you'd like to have your game featured, please contact me via DMs on my personal Twitter, @granolaboy69 (the game to be feature doesn't have to be the one you're making for this Jam!!!!!!!!!).

This is something we are doing to grow the community and display everything this software is capable of, so if you're interested please reach out!!

Also, please remember that having your game featured in this showcase is a privilege, not a right, so be courteous and kind when speaking with people involved in this project.

Thats it for now then, bye bye

thank you for the compliments!!!

thank you for the kind words!!!!

Really cute!!!!!! I love snails hahaha

I got 6 <3's

I wasn't expecting to like this game because top down vehicle based gameplay never was much of my thing, but I gotta say that this game really managed to make it feel good to drive around XD the characters look really cute and the city looks great.

And yeah, the "???" level was definitely the highlight for me, it was pretty tense hahahah

I've played a few rounds with my partner and we had lots of fun!!!!! This game is really fast paced and can be surprisingly deep once you start getting into mind games XD I also really like that you can shoot a projectile and hit the ball with it, feels really good when you "parry" the enemy attack with it hahahah

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Awesome animations, the hits feel really meaty and I LOVED the narration XD the villain is such a bitch though, loved beating him down. Also, the music is great and really fitting

Oh, and I beat it in 5 minutes and 19 seconds XD

Coma State Eden is an unforgiving, but tighly designed, arcade-style shoot-em-up. I love this game, it has amazing visual and sound aesthetics, a strong theme, and the main character oozes with personality.

Although it may initially be intimidating, that is because the game starts you out with multiple tools and a strong challenge, which end up being great for multiple playthroughs (since there are 4 difficulties), because you don't have to snooze through easy sections every time .

If you take the time to learn this game's mechanics it becomes a super rewarding and memorable experience, I recommend this game to everyone who loves not only challenging games but also games as an experience, because this one really does stick in your mind.