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Still working on this? :3

Shame about the virus warning, this one's pretty fun. Once you get good enough to jump the rocks without slowing down / nail the robots regularly, it's super gratifying :D

One of your best LD games imo

You forgot Anti Semitic and racist! 

I got express permission from RotateDev to use his game idea... not that I needed it. (If that's even what you were talking about lol)

Good stuff!

Generally I hate the "pick pellets up" "genre", but this really did it for me. The huge keys were kind of annoying... but the doors were always close enough that it was funny too.

Good use of silence+music, and the ending was a great way to cap it off. Totally didn't see it coming. 

About the 1 pixel hitboxes. mentioned by others.. mostly fine since it was so limited and you could always get a hint. Could have been better though if there was a way to slowly move (combined with other reasons to use it, so the added complication would be worth it).

I was really baffled by the skip text button design though... It really should have just skipped the whole line rather than just loading it all immediately. X X X is much nicer then X Z X Z X Z. Kind of related but not really, I ended up missing some text permanently because there's no way to read some text if you clicked past it. A bit beyond the scope of the game, but if this were to be fleshed out / remade, a log of previous lines would be nice.

PS: Got here on Digibro's recommendation

Neat demo, hope to see where you take it!

How's development? Loved the demo my dude. 

"originally created using RPG Maker XP "

This is a game.

Crashes after hitting start. Oh well.

Attack animations (like the swing animations) could really use a lot more oomph. Generally the way to do that is: Optional draw back, hold, super fast swing, (and optional final movement). Using fewer frames will make it feel more powerful. Doing this can still have the exact same total speed as what you have now, while feeling a lot more powerful.

Further reading:

(Also, ditto on the projectile visiblity comment Yomic made)

You need to pass the XP threshold to get to the next level (via key+door).

Seems to be missing files it needs to run. It opened the resolution chooser, but freezes up after that. Running the .jar from console I get this: C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Demo%20Day\Dungeon%20Crawler
\Win64\config.xml (The system cannot find the path specified)

and later

Catched FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Demo Day\Dungeon Crawler\Win
64\lib\gluegen-rt-natives-windows-i586.jar (The system cannot find the file spec