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iyad shehadeh

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The game is really fun, I like the music and sfx , but can you add a sort of arrow to show where the bullet is  since its difficult to catch it back when it get out of screen bounds

thank you, I really appreciate it.

thnx bro.

thanks bro

I tried downloading the game again and it worked, this game is really cool, I love it, the camera transition the particles the trials, everything is polished, this game deserves the first rank! I have one question, how were you able to make the death particles of the bullet move in a certain path around the bullet did you use unity's particles system or VFX stuff

thank you very much, I wish I was able to test your game but you know the error that I get.

I love this game!

oh ok

no I donwloaded it

it just says access is denied

I really enjoyed playing this game I love the sfx and the visuals and the smooth transition in the elevator but there is a glitch where if you are dead but shot a bullet before and hits an enemy you will be alive again

I really love this game it reminds me of old days when I used scratch, it is so simple but encourages me to play again

I cant open the game

I cant open the game

also I can't open the game it says access is denied

everything is cool, but how were you able to make such amount of games in a small time

you need to press tab and it will switch from keyboard to controller

The flying mechanic and turning the helicopter is so cool

thank you very much for playing


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lol thank you for playing

Nice game, it really fits the theme, it contains no bugs except a one, sometimes when I press the arrow key 1 time the librarian move 2 times and that is really annoying I hope you fix, but it's a great game  and funny

Every person commenting is a profesional so I will write fuck

the best game ever🥰I like it



shokran (Mohamad Fawaz, Mohamad Ali, Hassan Mohsen, Riad el hajjar, Radwan Mrad)🥰

ok I will check it


I would like to team with you while participating in wowie jam any way to contact you

Discord or twitter or anything else.




lek habibi