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looks like blue bamboo! love it! and great job on findign one :D

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I got rid of most of them, sorry! I did make a more recent post sharing the codes of my mushrooms, a garden plant, and a cave blossom tho, if you would like to try them :)

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3D Mushies: 088 6130

Radium: 082 1263

3Bea: 086 1747

Hell: 081 8565

Blue Moon: 089 5930 (on the right of picture)

Jaundice: 083 3640

Bea: 084 9083 (left of picture)

Midnight Sparkle (did it for the meme): 080 3949

Toxic Waste: 085 2993

Weirdmaggedon: 082 3624

HOLY BALL: 089 4382

Lillith: 004 2963

Arabelle: 051 3026

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haven't even gotten past just dialogue and i am already shaking so much. this game is really good at building up tension lmao

edit: anxiety is thru the roof lmao this is scaring me so much-

just finished the game, mad me cry, laugh and nearly piss myself in sheer anxiety. probably one of the best games i have ever played! i really love murder mysteries and this one was just. wow. zack's kiss. absolute banger

(yes the zack's kiss is a joke abt how he wants to be a chef, i tried okay :'] )

I don't know why but I can't see anything other than a yellow screen? it makes sounds sometimes if I click it in a certain place, but there's no change in the images

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got a mushroom farm going trying to get a 5*. I color the pots of the ones i already studied so that i dont have to click on them to check. 

the one i do have is an import, but both of the golds are ones i found :D

safe to say, i love this game. laughed a lot at the ending and the game was just the right difficulty to last a good hour or so playing. keep up the good work!!

very lovely game! sounds beautiful and looks beautiful :)

damn Elijah's poem actually made me cry haha-

also, absolute banger of a game, love it so much 10/10

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i try these kinds of things periodically to see if maybe it will work one day, but it never does. maybe it's ADHD, maybe it's a trauma response, but this just made my heart rate spike lmao

edit: i am so confused reading thru the comments???? i have not seen a single one that doesn't say it did the opposite of relaxing them????? am i just messed up??????????????

where are the options to say i hated the hypnosis thing bc i feel like i am near tears and i am going to blame this guy that looks like doctor two brains from word girl


love the game btw. music slaps. quest slaps. bullying children slaps. love it


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Name:  Azzath

Miraculous: Rainbow Bracelet (R.I.P. my fav rainbow bracelet)

Transform Words: Azzath, Maim!

De-Transform Words: Azzath, Rest!

Weapon: Gun. Deadass. You see an akuma attack and one of the heroes deadass whips out a fucken gun. Sick as shit.

Hero Name: Azzarian (pronounced UH-zair-E-an)

deadass crying over the ending. i love it so much omg- the art style i very nice too!!

Credits scene is amazing i adore it omg

i see you used a format very similar to DDLC for the in-game menu. I respect that. Also I'm not very far in yet, but this music bussin!!!!

This was very visually beautiful, as a person with depression, it was surprisingly helpful. It may sound kind of screwed up, but knowing I'm not the only one helps make it a bit easier. I hope you are able to improve soon. My family says I am, but I'm not quite sure. Just keep doing what you enjoy! That's what has helped me the most. :)