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Spritesheet y PNG van perfectos, es el gif lo que da problemas, y también ajustar el tiempo y los frames para que el loop lo haga sin cortes bruscos. En cuando pueda indago más a ver si tengo algo mal configurado.

Por lo demás, excelente trabajo.

He comprado el programita, buen programa y funciona bien, excepto las exportaciones a gif, si lo pongo en hd directamente no funciona, y en pixel no borra los fotogramas anteriores, pido que lo corrijan cuando antes.

Gran trabajo, espero que lo dejen pulido pronto, y saludos a Matriax, a ver cuando se pasa a visitarnos a Comunidad ID ;)

Infinite racing drift is a free racing game, fast and frenetic, where the circuits are created randomly and you must demonstrate your skill at the wheel to reach the finish line before the time runs out.

Compete in different scenarios, with day and night cycles, bonuses for good traced, random circuits where each game and race will be different, never a game will be equal to the previous one, and feel the encouragement of the public when crossing each finish line.

In this free racing game, you have total control over your car, with many cars to choose from, of different colors and models, with 3 categories that you must unlock by making greats races. In Infinite Racing Drift, the control is your ally, simply turn to one side or the other to control the skid of your car, compete like a true racing champion and show who is the best tracing and skidding on asphalt, mud or sand, the racing races await you, prove you are the fastest in this racing game, easy and intuitive control where you only have to worry about the important, the drawn and the competition. Each time you cross the finish line, time will be added to the time limit, and the next finish line will be a little bit farther away, but if you do each perfect stretch, without leaving the road, you will have extra seconds to demonstrate your ability. Hours and hours of fun in this free drift racing game, do not hesitate and show who is the best in car racing: - Awesome car models, thanks to the designs of Diego Cáceres. - B.S.O. Original by Guillermo Cañete. - Generation of random circuits, each race will be different. - Various types of terrain for races. - Many cars to choose from, with 3 different categories. - Cycle day and night in the races. - Easy and intuitive control, suitable for all audiences. - Personal records. - Free racing game. Do not hesitate and play Infinite Racing Drift, the best free racing game, it shows that you are the best in drift mode, get traced perfectas and surpass your record at high speeds, the audience waits expectant your step by goal;)


Infinite racing drift es un juego de carreras gratuito, rápido y frenético, donde los circuitos se crean aleatoriamente y debes demostrar tu habilidad al volante para llegar a la meta antes que se acabe el tiempo.

Compite en diferentes escenarios, con ciclos de día y noche, bonificaciones por buenas trazadas, circuitos aleatorios donde cada partida y carrera será diferente, nunca una partida será igual a la anterior, y siente el aliento del público al cruzar cada línea de meta.

En este juego de carreras gratis, tienes el control total sobre tu coche, con muchos coches a elegir, de diferentes colores y modelos, con 3 categorías que debes ir desbloqueando haciendo carreras inolvidables.

En Infinite Racing Drift, el control es tu aliado, simplemente gira hacia un lado u otro para controlar el derrape de tu coche, compite como un verdadero campeon de carreras y demuestra quien es el mejor trazando y derrapando sobre asfalto, barro o arena, las carreras de competición te esperan, demuestra que eres el más rápido en este juego de carreras, control fácil e intuitivo donde sólo debes preocuparte de lo imortante, la trazada y la competición.

Cada vez que cruces la línea de meta, se añadirá tiempo al crono, y la siguiente línea de meta estará un poquito más lejos, pero si haces cada tramo perfecto, sin salirte de la carretera, tendrás segundos extra para demostrar tu habilidad.

Horas y horas de diversión en este juego gratis de carreras de drift, no lo dudes y demuestra quien es el mejor en las carreras de coches:

- Modelados de coches impresionantes, gracias a los diseños de Diego Cáceres.

- B.S.O. Original de Guillermo Cañete.

- Generación de circuitos aleatorios, cada carrera será diferente.

- Varios tipos de terreno para las carreras.

- Muchos coches a elegir, con 3 categorías diferentes.

- Ciclo día y noche en las carreras.

- Control fácil e intuitivo, apto para todos los públicos.

- Records personales.

- Juego de carreras gratis.

No lo dudes y juega Infinite Racing Drift, el mejor juego de carreras gratis, demuestra que eres el mejor en la modalidad de drift, consigue trazadas perfechas y supera tu record a altas velocidades, el público espera espectante tu paso por meta ;)

Show your skill as a waiter by throwing beers at impatient customers in this casual game, with the always masterful B.S.O. Guillermo Cañete, launches with just enough force so that the beer reaches the exact customer.

Casual game for all audiences, totally free, easy and fast to play, with minimalist graphics to focus on the important thing, serve beers;)

Touch control to drag and drop, easy and intuitive, click and drag to give strength and direction to the beer tank, stop pressing to throw the beer and reach the exact customer, easy right?

Each client contains a patience counter, if you serve your beer before your patience is over, they will gladly pay you, if you run out of patience you will lose confidence, if your confidence reaches zero, you will be fired and you will have lost patience. If you serve a pint of beer to a client without patience, he will not pay, but hey, at least he will not continue to undermine your trust, something is something XD

Casual and independent game, created like all my games with a lot of love, but with little time;)

- Minimalist graphics

- Quick and easy to play

- Quick and easy touch control

- B.S.O. Original by Guillermo Cañete

- For all ages

- Casual and independent game

- Free game for all ages

Do you think you would be a good waiter? Prove it and put your skill to the test, keep customers happy and get to be the best waiter in the world.

Do not forget to visit my page to learn more about my games, articles and opinions about the independent world of videogames;)

My last game, Spartan Bouncing Ball ;)

Spartan bouncing ball, the spartans wars is here, achieve glory in this bouncing ball and defend Sparta.

You must be defeating the enemies with your Spartans, throw your heroes towards the enemy and destroy them, fight for glory.

Spartan bouncing ball is a ball game, a puzzle ball game, strategy and casual game,throw and make the balls (your Spartans) bounce against the enemies, to remove them points of life. Beware, enemies are getting stronger, get shields to recruit more Spartans.

Try to defeat the four bosses, to get extra score and beat your own record, will you get it?

You start with two Spartans, and you can have the ones you want by getting shields, there are no limits, the spartans of the legend will fall short;)

Aim for the ball control, and throw so that the balls bounce off all possible enemies, to prevent them from reaching Sparta.

Spartan bouncing ball is an infinite game, for all ages and very easy to play, aim and throw your Spartans, one-touch control.

Hello friend, the last as the most recent, I feel the confusion XD
Thanks for your support ;)

This is my last game, playable on smartphones, iphones, pc, mac etc ...

A casual game, where you must hunt fish and get the collection of no less than 500 fish.

One-touch control, easy and quick to play, where the shark will try to prevent you from taking the fish XD

If you like it, do not hesitate to show it to your friends.


Finger Stick (spinner game) is the classic spinner game, where you must stop the spinner with your finger.

Use your finger to hit the spinner and let it stand again in this relaxing spinner game.

There are dozens of sticks to unlock, with each success you can unlock a new spinner for your collection, have fun getting all the stickers.

This spinner app is for all ages, from children to adults, you just have to use your skill and your finger to hit the spinner (stick) with just enough force to get it back on its feet.

- Easy to play, put the spinner on your feet. - B.S.O. Original - Beautiful graphics. - 32 stickers (spinners) to unlock. - Free - Relaxing - For all ages.

Do not think about it and play this Finger Stick (spinner game) to demonstrate your ability.

The best of the figet spinner games you can find.

Finger Stick is designed for all audiences, so you do not have to carry a spinner and play it from your phone.

Completely free and for all ages.

Play Finger Stick

Welcome to Freaky Brothers, fun physics game where you will have to play hard to earn points.

Take the brothers as low as possible in this fun indie game, avoid traps, move fast and use your power to be the best.

A game where you will have to demonstrate your skill, ability and speed to go far.

Fast and intuitive, for all ages, and very very easy to play.

Use all your skill, your skill in this sibling game, and beat your record to be the best player in this sibling game.

- Beautiful graphics.
- B.S.O. Original.
- Fast and fun.
- For all ages.
- 2d adventure based on physics.
- One-touch indie game.
- Very easy control, just touch.

Do not hesitate and try this indie game with fun physics, enjoy this game totally free and for the whole family.

Freaky Brothers

Zig Zag Racing is a minimalist game where you have to demonstrate your ability to pass through the goal as many times as you can, in the form of a loop XD

A racing game where you will have to compete against yourself to beat your record and get on top, capture your screen and show who is the best.

It is not necessary to be connected, it is a free game and without connection.

- Minimalist graphics

- Fast and fast.

- B.S.O. Original by Guillermo Cañete.

- Racing game for all ages.

- Easy to play

- For fast games

Do not hesitate and enjoy this great game, simple and lightweight, to show who is the most skilled in this racing game or racing game, totally free for all ages.

Play Free: Zig Zag Racing

Thanks for your comment ipodtouchhtml5.

I can not test in IOS because I do not have XD

If you want, you can try directly from the web, I leave the link, to see if it works.

A greeting.

One of my last games, I hope you like it !!!

Basket Slam Dunk is a really funny sports games in which you have to dunk the ball like a pro. Set the right direction and power for your jump and once you are approaching the basket, move the weird looking guy’s arm to dunk the ball. You will have to coordinate your movements to get it done, but don’t worry, you’ll get there after a few tries. Earn lots of coins to buy more cool balls and try to get the whole collection. Enjoy Basket Slam Dunk!

- One touch control

- Beautiful graphics

- B.S.O. Original

- For all ages

- Based on Physics

- Playable from any device, pc, mac, smartphone, ios etc ... 

Play free:

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Car Crush is a frenetic game of cars, avoid crashing against rivals, earn money, improve your score and prove who is the most skillful behind the wheel.

- High quality graphics.

- World Ranking.

- B.S.O. Original.

- One touch control

- 32 cars to choose from.

- Personal record.

- For all audiences.

- Fast and fun to play

Car Crush - Release

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Game created with the beta of Construct 3 for 1 Bit Clicker Jam.

Try to escape the monster and get the highest score.

You can see the creation of the game on Youtube;)

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My last game, Faraon, created live, about 35 hours of video.
Playable from any browser, smartphones, iphones, mac, pc, tablets etc...

Rescue your friend through the dangerous rooms hidden in the pyramid of Pharaoh.
Test your skill in this fun platform game, Are you a hero? Prove it.
Funny and fast platform game.
- 55 levels.
- 3 different finishes.
- Easy to play, one-touch control.
- Many traps and enemies await you in the pyramid.
- Great and original soundtrack.
- Adapted for keyboard and touch screen.
- Playable from any device.
- Pixelated graphics.


Play Faraon

Defend your house and your beloved mother of the horde of zombies !!!

Can you defend your beloved mother from the zombies?

Get hold of the horde of zombies to keep your Mother safe, remember that she gave you life XD

Guns, cars, machine guns, shotguns ... What it takes to defend Mama.

Get the category immortal, so that mom is proud, or die being a simple novice disappointing Mom.


- Keyboard, use the arrows to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

- Touch device, on-screen controls.

Zombies, Not Without my Mom !!!


Use the on-screen controls or the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Funny game tribute to the mythical Bomb Jack.

Get all the stars in the 15 levels of this frantic game.

Lend the enemies and get the maximum score.

The stars will give you more points if you get them in order.

- 15 levels.

- Touch control or keyboard.

- Great B.S.O.

- Easy and for all audiences.

- Beautiful graphic.

- Playable from any device.

Space Jack

Defend the sacred statue !!!

Throw ninjas to defend the sacred statue of the enemies.

Have fun preventing them from destroying your treasure in the different tatamis,

Kill the most dangerous bosses before they approach.

- Spectacular design.

- B.S.O. Original.

- Fast and fun.

- For all ages.

- Intuitive and very easy to play.

- Playable from any device.


Mouse or touch screen, click on the statue and drag to throw your ninja against the enemies.

Simple truth?

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How many touch down will you get with your brain dodging zombies?

You run dodging zombies, use energy drinks to kill them, and get all the medals making touchdowns.

- Beautiful graphics

- B.S.O. original

- Fast and fun

- Zombies, zombies and more zombies

- For all ages

- Very easy control, just turn.


Keyboard, use the left and right arrow keys to rotate.

Touch screen, tap on the right side to turn right, on the left side to turn left.

Simple truth?

Foot Brain