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Yey!Can't wait!

I love the game!I like the writing style,the fact that the boys are drawn(very beautifuly) rather than cropped pictures like in most bts visual novels.I also like the fact that you chose a fairy-tale like environment rather than a boring highschool and you decided to put a little mystery into the story,not just plain romance.And the bits of funny inside-info about the real BTS are a nice add.I cannot wait to play the full game!Will it be free?

I once played a similar visual novel on tumblr,same setting but with exo and it was a demo and the creator didn't finish it(it's been years) and I felt so sad :(( and now you make this,I'm so happy!<3

PS: As a little constructive criticism,I found the font size to be too small and uncomfortable to read,I hope you don't mind me :)

I'm really looking forward to new updates!^_^

I liked this game.It's very different from what I've played before and it gives a certain feel and perspective.

PS:I read on lemmasoft that you're from Romania,and my jaw dropped,because I am too hehe

I really appreciate that you put so much effort into the game and you plan to make it so long and complex!Will the final version be free?

Just finished the game,i enjoyed Ash's route the most.I love the graphics.Did you draw the characters and the backgrounds yourself?:D

Hello! I just finished the game and i enjoyed it very much! I liked Myou's route a lot,but i found the "leaving for new york" ending a little too grim.Anyway,I wish there was a "season 2"haha.Nice work!

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Thanks for responding!Now the game works well!And yes,i totally understand that the art takes a lot of time(my hobby is drawing),but it's absolutely stunning.

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Hello! I played 10 out of 12 routes,and i got to Baekhyun's part,where the game screen went black,and kai's route appeared all of a sudden(black screen,just dialogue).I figured out i might as well delete the game and download your new update. but the updated game doesn't work,when i try to de-archivate,it says it can't and when i click the exe in the archive,it says error,not found.So i thought i'll let you know(btw,i'm a windows user).Thanks!!!!

I want to tell you that you're a very good writer.I haven't finished the game yet(and i love that it's so long) and i already fell in love with it.Some of the stories are very deep and they make you feel like you're there with the characters(i enjoyed especially DO and Chanyeol's stories).And from the writing style you succeded to give goosebumps to the reader.I also love that you kept it clean,for all ages.Please,tell me you'll make another game like this with another kpop group!Pretty please!!<3

Lovely game!Will the full version also be free?