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I love the game!I like the writing style,the fact that the boys are drawn(very beautifuly) rather than cropped pictures like in most bts visual novels.I also like the fact that you chose a fairy-tale like environment rather than a boring highschool and you decided to put a little mystery into the story,not just plain romance.And the bits of funny inside-info about the real BTS are a nice add.I cannot wait to play the full game!Will it be free?

I once played a similar visual novel on tumblr,same setting but with exo and it was a demo and the creator didn't finish it(it's been years) and I felt so sad :(( and now you make this,I'm so happy!<3

PS: As a little constructive criticism,I found the font size to be too small and uncomfortable to read,I hope you don't mind me :)

I'm really looking forward to new updates!^_^

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Thank you so much for playing the demo and commenting! Glad to hear you enjoy it :) Since The Crown is being made by only one person (me), it will take some time for each part to come out. Hope you’re patient! Thank you for the font suggestion and I’ll be sure to make it bigger! Don’t forget to spread #BTSTheCrown on Twitter! :)

Edit: Forgot to answer one of your questions! Yes, it will be free :) I  do not intend to make profit off this game. It’s  simply a fun game for ARMYs. Donations are open though!