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Mechanically Brutal Orchestra and Lisa the Painful/Joyful play very differently. Brutal Orchestra has a focus on enemy prediction/positioning and resource management whereas Lisa is very typical for an RPG maker JRPG.

Your computer itself is below the Unreal Engine 4's minimum system requirements. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.


Absolutely no fucking way.

Some players have found that totally disconnecting from the internet before playing prevents this issue. We are currently investigating as to why.

It shouldn't. If it does that would be very odd.

This issue is caused by the device you are using being below the Unreal Engine 4's minimum system requirements. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

I have unfortunate spoilers about the next ~70 years...

Hey Dr. Mako.

I have responded to your email about the issue.

-Maceo (Game Designer/Game Artist)

Art by the incredibly talented Gloom Dude: @ElmanoloC

Brutal Orchestra a turn based roguelike set in the bowels of Purgatory has received a massive free content update!

The time has come and the world expands! New friends and foes reveal themselves in every corner.

Find new party member's such as Burnout a tormented sadist with an endless taste for violence or Fennec a deeply ill man who sprout dangerous spines and quills from his very bones.

Challenge a menagerie of new foes, from the Keko worms that swim within the dunes to the squawking and shrieking Scrungies flying high above the mountain tops to the Conductor Music Men, bloated with tumours. Even deep within the Garden leviathans struggle to consume one another.

Complete a quest on the behalf of the Ungod, and fulfill it's request to snuff out an infant usurper that if left unchecked would someday challenge the gods themselves.

There has never been a better time to dive into Brutal Orchestra!

Hello GamingInteractive,

Thanks! Unfortunately development on Perfect Vermin is wrapped and we are unlikely to work further on the game beyond critical fixes. We would love to localize Perfect Vermin to other languages but localization is hard to justify for a free project. Some people have generously reached out about localizing Perfect Vermin for free but we feel uncomfortable about not being able to compensate localizers for their labour.

The good news is Angad and I have begun development on a new project together that will ultimately release for a price tag so it is likely this future project will be localized/ported to other platforms depending on its performance after launch.

Its going to be very different than Perfect Vermin but I suspect people will dig it!

Thanks again,

-Maceo (Game Designer/ Game Artist)

I played this game and it make me cry and scream and I am now dead.

Hello Alex302,

Swallow the Sea is not currently planned to be ported to any other future platforms.

Our current focus is our latest release Brutal Orchestra however if any critical issues arise with Swallow the Sea we will return to resolve them.

Hey huzelbuzel,

Glad to hear you like the look of Brutal Orchestra!

I understand your frustration with plethora of similar turn-based RPG's, especially here on Itch, but I think you would be glad to find that Brutal Orchestra has very little mechanically in common with RPG-maker projects or JRPG games.

Brutal Orchestra plays much more similarly to games like "Into the Breach", "Darkest Dungeon" or "Slay the Spire".

Thanks again,

-Maceo (Game Designer/Game Artist)

Unfortunately the Unreal Engine 4 which Perfect Vermin uses cannot be run in a browser. So a browser version of Perfect Vermin is likely impossible.

This looks super cool!

Hey becket,

Swallow the Sea contains no jump scares. Swallow the Sea's "horror" elements come from the games oppressive atmosphere and dark themes.

Hopefully you have fun with it!

-Maceo (Game Designer/ Game Artist)

Hey bridgecobbler,

This is an issue we are aware of but unfortunately do not have a clear solution to. We do know the issue is not caused by Perfect Vermin itself but instead an interaction with another program most often the users antivirus. Most users who have suffered from this issue have been able to get around it by making an exception for Perfect Vermin in their antivirus.

Hopefully that helps,

-Maceo (Game Designer/Game Artist)

Hello Dr.Delilah.

The issue you are describing appears on devices that are below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements.

If your system is above these requirements and the problem persists please make a post in our community discussions on Steam and we will look into it immediately.


This is a great addition! Maybe it's just me but I think it might make more sense to put the submit button below the guessed emotion, I read top down so I often end up reading the word submit before finding the information I am looking for.

Excited to see how this QoL change feels in-game.

By the events of the game, there was nothing that could have been done for him. However if he had taken care of his body over the course of his life he likely could have extended his life by decades.

In regards to the newscaster's relationship with his mother there isn't much I could tell you that he doesn't say in the game. Other details about their relationship wouldn't really expand upon the narrative.

Unfortunately there will not be any additional content added to Swallow the Sea.

However keep your eyes peeled for our new game we are announcing the same day.

Sure thing! As long as you provide a link to the game either here on Itch or on Steam we encourage it. Thanks for checking the game out!

Hello Peacemaker_04,

I'd encourage you to post to Perfect Vermin's Steam discussions page if the issue you are having is with Perfect Vermin on Steam.

People experiencing frequent crashes are often attempting to run Perfect Vermin on a device below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements.

So even though you may have a compatible version of windows your computer itself might be falling below these system requirements.

If the issue does not seem to be caused by your system being below Perfect Vermin's requirements please make a post to Perfect Vermin's Steam community discussions describing your issue in greater detail and we will look into the issue immediately.

-Maceo (Game Designer/Artist

This video is fantastic, I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to give it a watch!

What day is the podcast? Is it today?

Heatstroke was developed in Unity.

Unfortunately on Heatstroke (and all of my projects) programming changes are outside my jurisdiction. Braden Banning is your man if you want to suggest and future changes to Heatstroke.

His personal website is linked on this page above and he can be reached at his email:

I agree, a save feature would have been nice. ultimately it was one of those things that fell outside of the scope of Heatstroke being a 48 hour gamejam.

Originally the story needing to be transcribed was Moby Dick... Which was too long to even process into the game.

If you enjoyed Robo-Rapture keep your eyes peeled for our next project, it definitely has a similar energy and is by far the biggest thing I have ever worked on.

Hey Reekid44,

Mac development is something we looked into and experimented with during Perfect Vermin's development. Unfortunately Unreal 4.18 which Perfect Vermin uses as an engine is incompatible with Mac devices, and as no member of the team has experience with the Unreal Engine 4's engine code, Mac support ultimately proved impossible.

For future projects Mac support is something that we will be looking into at an earlier point in development to hopefully avoid issues like this in the future.

-Maceo (Game Designer/Artist)

I can tell you by the way the level is loading in your computer is below minimum the minimum system requirements for the Unreal Engine 4. 

Nothing we can do I'm afraid.

Issues like this are often caused by being below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements. 

If your system is below these requirements it will be unable to properly run the Unreal Engine 4 and by extension Perfect Vermin causing the game to encounter issues constantly.

If this does not seem to be the source of the issue please let us know and we will look into it immediately.

Hey Jason,

I responded to your other post with information relevant to the issues you are describing.

-Maceo (Game Designer/Artist)

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Hey Jason,

It is unlikely that collisions are the source of lag on your device.

The issue you are describing is likely caused by the device you are running Perfect Vermin on being below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements. 

If this does not seem to be the source of the issue and your device is above Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements, please contact us (preferably over our Steam community discussions but Itch also works) and we will look into the issue immediately.

-Maceo (Game Designer/ Artist)

Crashes like this are often caused by being below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements. 

If your system is below these requirements it will be unable to properly run the Unreal Engine 4 and by extension Perfect Vermin causing the game to encounter issues constantly.

Saving was something we frequently looked into during development but ultimately decided against for a number of factors.

During playtests players quickly became over reliant on reloading saves rather than rebuilding their tower’s base (which was often the source of the problem). This led to their tower collapsing over and over again due to a design flaw made before they saved. This often caused playtesters to assume the game was impossible or rigged. Unexpectedly it was almost always faster for players to rebuild after a collapse than to fiddle with saves.

This is something that many other tower builders with levels that last considerable length have in common with us, either having no ability to save or an unorthodox method with mixed results (World of Goo time flies are an example of this).

The final reason being that the reward for completing Pit of Babel requires real world work on the behalf of Scottie and I, and the ability to save lead to such a wide variety of exploits we would either have to remove the reward from everyone or invest in significantly more infrastructure than is realistic for a game jam.

If there was a clean solution to saving the players progress that did not cause more problems than it solved we would have taken it. Unfortunately no solution seems to have arisen for Pit of Babel or other similar tower builders.


Will there be any ability to mirror your inputs to both sides of the protagonist's face? It seems like a really unique main mechanic but I worry about individual actions taking too long and giving the player fatigue. 

Overall this is looking super cool!

Fortunately, if you pull blocks from your own tower you can close the final gap. Just be careful not to pull anything too important...

I endorse this comment.

I spoke to Andrew (PizzaPranks), the host of the interview and he has released the interview for members of his Patreon. He will also be releasing the interview for free February 8th on "Spotify and other podcast places".