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omg! it ME! 😱 

lol i cannot WAIT to play this with everyone next friday! you did an amazing job. this game has everything. thank you for making a game about me 🖤🖤 you are so talented

i enjoyed collecting endings 1 and 3  but ending 2 being (potentially) not real or possible left me feeling kinda unsatisfied :/ 

hopefully there will be an update to fix (or finish) the game 

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(Spoilers. Criticisms below.) I had so much fun playing this and ooh boy THE SPIDER?? he genuinely scared tf out of me... over and over! lol Banbaleena as some comedic relief was really neat, and the return of the Opila bird was so creepily foreshadowed and well delivered lol and the BABIES! Oh i loved them. There was so much cool stuff in here for fans of the first game. And I loved getting some more explanation about WHAT all these creatures are.

My biggest criticisms are A) EVERY ROOM NEEDS MORE DEBRIS. an abandoned facility should have trash everywhere and a layer of grime or blood in most locations. more trash plz  B) some puzzles were long but contained no horror elements at all? those moments really lost the momentum other areas had built up. would've liked maybe something chasing you on the platform puzzle or watching you during the canons game waiting for you to fail.

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i honestly LOVED this. it was so unexpected and bizarre and educational?? it's like it was made for me lol and no matter how many times i got caught, i jumped every time XD

i had a ton of fun playing this. more please! 

it's all good <3 i appreciated you standing up for the devs. they don't deserve death threats. 

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?? i was just saying you are allowed to be rude to that commenter who said "i hope i'll kill you" because that's a heinous thing to say. we are on the same page. haters like Alan ben valclin are the ones who suck. I'm a big euphoric brothers fan

they threatened to kill people. i'm pretty sure you can be rude to them lol. they suck

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I honestly had a blast. It was fun and everything I want in a puzzle horror. And I swear I felt eyes watching me the whole time, and I loved getting to operate a drone for puzzles. The Opila bird was SO creepy and I cant wait to meet that rest of the characters in part 2

Don't let people who think they're superior for hating on mascot horror discourage you from enjoying this. It's a creepy good time and you're allowed to enjoy things

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While my first thought is that this was EXCRUTIATINGLY brief, they know what they're doing with this teaser. This tiny dip into what the full game will be like and all the PUZZLES we will get to solve has me foaming at the mouth lol   The pie "puzzle" felt a little TOO spoon-fed but otherwise i loved it

Also please let there be a way to save Wooly. My precious child <3

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I was NOT expecting this game to scare me as badly as it did so BRAVO.

The atmosphere was so creepy and the way each level took us through different kinds of creepy (from surrealism to backrooms) was great. and the sound work was just excellent.

This game had more to it than I expected. 100% was expecting a bear attack the whole time! XD and I loved the concept of a parasitic species of Santa's. It was so unique and creepy lol 

Would have loved if the walk back to the house (when the trees were falling) had been a survival/chase event where Santa Josh is trying to kill you or something! 

My gameplay

Not gonna lie this was harder to beat than I had expected XD But maybe I'm just ass at horror shooters? However finally getting to set that tree ablaze was SO fulfilling it was worth it. Pine tree zombies being hidden throughout a christmas tree farm is a brilliant premise. Loved it.

I played this before the respawn update so I suffered for my victory but the gameplay was really fun and really satisfying and I would've loved even more levels. Hope this game continues to get updates in the future. 10/10 Definitely would recommend.

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LMAO I squeezed this in last minute for my Frightmas series and THANK GOD I did! I would die for Maggie (who I affectionately cannot stop calling Big Mama) and while I definitely got frustrated at first once it all clicked, solving the riddles was so much fun!

AND the amount of suspense was perfect. The panic as you try to finish the last few riddles and the MIRROR ROOM had me sweating! Loved it and loved the ending. 10/10 creepy, clever, & silly

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Absolutely f*cking hilarious AND surprisingly scary?? I jumped a few more times than I am proud to admit XD Just the right blend of nonsense and actual gameplay for me. More please lol

My gameplay

This Christmas update was my first experience with TBiY and I will definitely be coming back for more in March lol I admit, I came into it with sass and sarcasm thinking it didn't REALLY belong in the horror tags... but I actually got a good spook or two out of this XD 

The slow disintegration of reality was really well paced. Would love maybe a few more moments of things changing that really make your stomach drop to discover. 10/10 had a blast bullying an "infant" 

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Loved this so much! I was so on edge and desperate to survive I just KNOW I missed some things lol But getting to unload a few clips into Santa's head was all the reward I could have asked for. So much fun! 10/10 short, well-paced, intense

My gameplay

Loved it. Took me forever to find what I needed to successfully climb out of the chimney, and I definitely underestimated how many tries this would take me lol But I think the difficulty was just right. I became SO paranoid about every little sound lol

Would've loved maybe one more level before it was over, but other than that great job!

i have the same issue :(

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My Gameplay Here! (Ending B)

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this game. Everyone knows fishing is one of the best parts of most games (so of course the main gameplay is fun) but the HORROR in this! Everything was so beautifully paced. The slow build of dread dotted with those jolting moments of fear was just brilliant. 

And the impossible stuff we pulled out of the lake was just hilarious. 10/10 

My Gameplay Here!

This is the exact kind of creepy, bizarre puzzle adventure that I can't get enough of. However, the RAGE was really starting to get to me near the end lol. Platforming with no powers and getting the sh*t beat out of you for trying was starting to toe the line between challenging and bullsh*t.

Also. I confess, the theme of exploring the subconscious was a little lost on me, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the HELL out of the journey! Loved it. What a trip.

My Gameplay Here!

I really, really enjoyed this! A perfect blend of humor and horror. I loved meeting each character, and, most importantly, the immense amount of DREAD I just couldn't escape was beautiful *chef's kiss*

AND THE PLOT TWIST! I NEVER expected the ending! Great job

My Gameplay

This was my first backrooms game and it  was honestly exactly what I was looking for. The isolation, inconsistent layout, and atmosphere were perfect! I really hope more levels are added some day! 

and for anyone struggling to find the exit: FOLLOW THE VOICES

(My only issue was the "monster". He felt very stiff and too easy to avoid after the first time encountering him. I feel like having something living in the maze, capable of roaming around, and possibly sneaking past could really improve the immersion and maintain those feelings of being afraid to peak around every corner!)

My Gamplay

A brilliant and intriguing teaser for what's to come.  The scares were simple but SO well used. And that feeling of helplessness and confusion experienced by a civilian during a bombing was something I've never seen explored by a game before.

VERY excited to see what all this means and what's coming next!

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My Gameplay

Hilarious, relatable, and surprisingly creepy! I'm almost ashamed to admit that this game actually made me jump😅 Definitely a must play for any horror Youtuber! And definitely worth a few tries to get both endings!😂 

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My Gameplay

I actually loved this game. It was recommended to me so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the ending gave me real goosebumps and the entire basement puzzle had me SO on edge! The story and plot twists were awesome 👍🏻👍🏻 Good stuff!

(I did struggle with the storybook pages though. For anyone else who can't find the last page, there are two in the parents' bedroom!

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My Gameplay

I'll be honest, I thought this was going to be just another cheesy abandoned house game, but MAN was I wrong. There was something so sinister about the entire space, and it only got more and more unbearable to be in the house as time went on. Well done.👏🏻👏🏻 I wish I hadn't been so desperate to escape because I definitely neglected to explore the space as much as possible lol but the terror was too real!  

Absolutely amazing! Such a blast to play, and the jumpscares (I'm ashamed to admit) really got me bad!

The characters are all so fun and I would DIe for my boy Eezik <3 <3 Precious bean!

Just played your game! Aside from the glitch with the door (getting stuck if you stand too close while opening) I was really enjoying it! I was really starting to get invested right before it ended! T-T 

I really, really hope you continue to add to this game. I will definitely be checking for more updates. SUCH a cool idea to use the ghosts from A Christmas Carol.

I played this a little while ago and loved it. I have a major fear of the ocean, and this game was able to capture the terrors of every aspect of that. Fear of being both above and below it. Very different but equally awful lol

And of course the mystery of what happened to everyone in the facility was really interesting, and I loved how the truth was revealed slowly through memories. Aweomse job!

Full Gameplay Here

As someone who already finds the greed of corproations and exploitation of workers terrifying... I was not expecting this to get me so bad XD It's been a while since I've screamed from my literal soul from a game. The cubicle room was just absolutely horrible! (in the best way) And all the details like the cameras and posters and dialogue throughout were great too.

If I could make any changes, I would say I'd have much prefered a second cubicle room with different puzzle - rather than the spider robot chase. Everything felt so well connected until that part. The ending left me kind of confused and I lost all that dread I had built up until that point.

Skorpi!! I didn't know you played this game too! <3 

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To Check Out My Gameplay Click Here

I have such a weakness for found footage media, and having to expereince the school through the moments the camera was "on" was super cool! And of course the use of ambient sound and music choice were easily my favorite parts.

Loved this concept so much, and it was easily my favorite upload of the week XD 

I wish there had been a few more incidents of activity happening around the player while exploring. I thought those really added to the feeling that we weren't alone. 

omg yes! kindred spirits ~~ i'm so pumped to hear there will be a full version! i honestly wasn't expecting that. i feel like (especially on itch) gems like this are doomed to be small forever😭  lol but im also really excited to see what else you've got brewing... 👀

Downloaded the Restrung version and wow. I'm definitely biased because I could listen to violin all day and walking around a dark abandoned cemetary is basically my ideal first date, but I loved this. I wasn't expecting the ghosts to be so diverse either! I only wish it were longer <3 

What a ride XD  - or rather, what a ~SLIDE~ 

This was super unique and unsettling. The sound effects were so unnerving and the awkward crawl mechanic (frustrating though it may be) really added to the intensity of the chase!

It was chaos. It was weird. I had a blast.

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so glad to hear that! i can’t wait to play whatever you come up with next 🙌🏻  something about this style is just so addicting and nostalgic. (but of course if you wanted to completely deviate stylistically, i’d still be excited to see what you create lol) 

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aw damn! oh well. i suppose wanting a game to be a little longer is better than wishing it was shorter lol 

i’m excited to see what you make next!

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Honestly one of my favorite games I've played in a while. 10/10  I was expecting something really simple, point-and-click style, but got so much more than I expected! I loved the combat, the mini board game, and of course the characters. Getting to read all the dialogue was so fun. my only complaint is that it wasn't longer lol 

(and a few typos)

Wowza this game was one hell of a trip XD I ended up getting a pretty impressive score, but somehow I don't think it counts if everybody is dead?? lol

It's a shame that there is no real objective or ending to work towards, but it's pure chaos and great for a weird gameplay video.

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This game was seriously So. Cool. I downloaded the game before V.3 came out T-T so i haven’t gotten to Claus yet but the rest was so creepy and hard to predict it kept me on my toes the whole time. The mini-games made me absolutely FERAL but in hindsight I kinda love that too lol Can’t wait for more!! (** i am ABSOLUTELY filming a follow-up vid)