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Love the jump scares! wished it was longer to be honest

Interesting short horror game, funny enough, I was scaring myself most of the time lol.

Interesting concept unsure if I got the ending or it is supposed to be the way I saw it.

I feel like I am missing some information on this game. Or atleast I can't 100% get the point ,let me know if my analysis makes sense

Oh man, the man cut out dude some how jump scared me without even trying. I'm getting too old for this lol

I loved how as soon as this game was going, I thought to my self "I'd hate to wake up randomly like this" Great little game, loved "Tender" and this is a great addition

I so look forward to the full release of this game.

Another great installment by Deadbyte, love this silent hill throw back, in first person no less. Gave me goosebumps, and jump scared the crap out of me.

This game was very well created, the story driven method and progression was awesome. Loved your other game "don't do it" and this was a great installment to your library. I think I'll need to go play the other games in the Nightmare series.

Short one but a good one, wish there was a bit more context as to what was going on. The fight with Ollie could do with some extra work, i.e gun play and speed of monster etc but otherwise, love the silent hill aesthetics.

What a great addition to the Bored Leviathan collection. Love the atmosphere and quiet environment, really built up the tension and honestly, I scared myself most of the time because of the tension building.

This game was so visually impressive and interesting that at times I got lost in the art. The story is also a refreshing spin on the fairy tale and would love to see whether this could be expanded on. Only issue I have is that there is a lot of side scrolling / running with little to no pay off. 

I do love me some Yandere, combine this with a visual novel and I'm all in! Great work on this short horror game, love the different endings.

I really like the hand drawn art style, the art style almost got me killed by the monster too! Trap chan! Awesome game and story, wonder if my analysis was on point?

I love this rendition of cooking mama. I'm thinking that I made mama proud!

Oh man the art direction is ON POINT. I love how the sound even has caption as though it was in a Manga, love love love!

Oh man, I love visual novels, this one really draws me in to the story and the character. I'm so bummed that this was a demo and I didn't get the full experience. If you guys can let me know when the game is out that'll be great!

This game is a short but great game, love how the sense of helplessness is truly conveyed and the dread sets in really really quickly. Loved it!

I do not envy people that needs to do this on a day to day basis. Honestly, if you don't want to turn vegetarian or vegan, its best to avoid this game. Otherwise, this game is a masterpiece, the ending left me confused but I gave explaining the ending a crack though.

Oh man, this game gave me one of the biggest darn jump scares I have ever experienced in a while. I apologies for the spoiler but heck, what did you expect from a horror game. I love the story and the rabbit hole you got me into, however I am unable to find the 6th note, I went through the game a few times, so I got no idea how to open the pastebin.

This is an interesting inception like game, I started scaring myself half way through the game despite there being little indication of any monsters. Loved it

This does give me massive Dead Space vibes, and honestly speaking, I just realised that all the creatures in Deadspace could be their on SCP. On a similar but seperate note, it'll be good to be able to run and move (run and gun). Its weird that I need to be 100% still before I can shoot something, otherwise, great game!

Oh man I missed you guys, another stunning game, a bit short and not as good as your previous ones, but I love the japanese aesthetics and interior design. Look forward to more of your games in the near future.

This game is so darn cool, you can definitley make this into a much bigger / longer game using the current gameplay mechanics. It also really scared me, which is actually saying alot since I play so many horror games. Well done!

I'm super late to the party for this Christmas special, but better late than never right? Merry xmas guys and special thanks to the developers for making this short horror piece

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Never thought I'd be scared to look away from a fridge, a red one no less, but here we are. The only thing I wanted to comment on this game is that the really could've been another button to pick things up. Like "e" or something instead of LMB hold, otherwise great little short game.

Finally Got around to playing this, much wow with the PSX and art gallery style game play. I'll eventually finish this game, one day, but here is the games I have played thus far

Oh man I missed you guys so much. Locked up was my 3rd video on my channel and boy was that a ride. This one was shorter but a bit more intense. Would love to review the full game once it is out. Drop me a line!

Let me start by saying that I am a fan of Art deco and damn does this game pull on my heart string whilst putting me on edge on every turn. Love love love

This game was difficult, not 100% sure if it was because I'm bad or something else

Interesting game, got a little lost but ultimately worth a go . look forward to your future games!

This is am awesome little indie game, I like how it gave me the opportunity to relive my glory days using the little floppy discs lol. I'm just curious about the story now.

Great little game, very trippy and kind of ended a little too soon. I feel like I might have missed some stuff though. perhaps

Man this game wins because of the AE86, hands down lol, the end got me but the car burning got me even more. Made love for the developer!

Thanks for making this game, this game gave me the laughs and the scares all in one go. Look forward to more of your work in the future.

Loved it and can't wait for the next release or the full game to be released

This game was such a treat to play to be honest, I am a huge fan of ghost hunting shows so being a part of it in game format was awesome. The voice acting was also epic! 10/10