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I would love a finished version of this, please keep going.

I wont waste your time talking about what’s wrong with the submission version because you fixed most of it in the non game-jam version.

Add music!

If you want anyone to rate this, you probably want to make it free

I had fun. I thought the dance puzzle was pretty creative. Kudos on getting a story done in 2 weeks.

it’s a good thing it was still there because if you don’t get the toolbox before you jump down, there’s no other way to complete the level.

The player looks great and the bones are there for good platforming. Dashing is fun. I’d like to see this when it’s fleshed out.

Having the menu there all the time is a little distracting If you alternate jump and dash you can fly

This was fun. It took me a little bit to figure out what the ladders where, but after that it was smooth sailing. The controls were good and I like the lighting effect and that they follow you.

Also +1 for Godot

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yep, platformer physics are tough to nail down. I will probably tweak them in the post-jam update; and add more sounds.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback

The post jam updates will definitely have more sounds. Thank you for taking the time to play it!

When you run the camera moves up and down rapidly. This caused me not to notice some of the text explaining controls. I couldn’t see that it was there until I wasn’t moving

Pretty fun and good music. I wish a failure only sent you back once line.

good job!

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I love the art! The punches got me good.

I personally think the “alien game show” concept was an inspired idea. ;)

It’s a challenging platformer and I like the color scheme

The screen shake can make you miss the tutorial text.

good job

That is excellent feedback, thank you!

I did run of time on some of that and I’ll be adding more sounds and fixes after the jam

Aliens took you away and now you must entertain them on live intergalactic broadcasts! They only have 5 mini-games, but you have to see how many times you can complete them before the clock runs out.

Pro gamer moves ;)

Oops, I thought I had that looped. Easy fix, thanks.

Correct, as of now, your score is not saved. Each time you beat a minigame, you earn 3 seconds more time. If you watch the corner you will see a “+3” appear when you clear a goal.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for taking the time.

I have considered giving a little more time. I haven’t yet because after a few rounds you can get into a pretty fast rhythm and clear each mini-game 2 to 3 times.

Good call on the on-release and starting instructions

thanks again