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Loved the aesthetic that you are going for, especially  the town and the bugs, they have a desing that goes really well with the art.

The progression forces you to get lost in a rich and cute map quite enjoyable (although sometimes you can feel too much lost), cool mechanic getting upgrades in your jump and would like to see more different ones

Great job!

Amazing feedback thank you so much!

We are glad you grabbed the idea so well, At first we have many bugs planed, but as you said, balancing interweaving resources can be a long mess so we downsiced the scope a little bit to make sure the forest looked fancy and alive .Hope you enjoyed♡

Wow Thank  you! Maybe keep an eye out for that mobile-thing in the future 👀👀

Thanks for the feedback! You spotted some of the most discussed elements during the development, we also wanted to change the text to a more iconic based feedback but time does not grows on trees unlike apples, and the winter was near♥

Thanks so much for playing! passed the 3rd year the costs may scale too much because its supposed to be an infinite progression

Yeah! when you realize that the winter is near the relaxing part goes away pretty quickly, hope you liked it

I hope it's a good one , Thanks!

Wow! We are really glad you enjoyed our game that much ♥ 

Thaks for trying! (Yeah) Maybe we could have shown it in the tutorial a bit more clearly (The ants start picking apples when you have 8 of them) 

Thank you very much, good luck on that second try!

Loved the aesthetic of the visuals! Maybe the camera and the collisions with the cars could be a bit improved but nice work overall ♥