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I feel that. My progress in assembly is making me feel inferior!

Awesome job! I like the game mechanic, and the animations are really smooth and polished!

Very unique idea! Very addicting.

Very, very polished and a unique idea! The graphics are neat too!

love the artwork and the music! The arrows and fire distract you from the simplicity. Very addicting!

I love the artwork! I did not know about the mud, but it was very fun to try. If you are looking for something to add, I'd suggest adding an animation to some objects when you interact with them, like those old point and click games.

Very relaxing and I enjoy the fact that you sink behind the tops of plants, which adds a realistic perspective.

Thank you so much!! Your kind words really mean a lot!

I did notice that it is a little bit too difficult. I was planning on having 'levels,' similar to Pac-Man, with a difficulty curve ,but I ended up not implementing it.

Your feedback is very appreciated!

Enjoyable! I like the mood, and the art is outstanding. It's fun to see what you can create and that one line of dialogue describing the drawing really adds some character to the game.

I did notice that there is an 'l' missing in the word "regular" when you interact with the bed.