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I like the concept and the first few minutes are very fun except the only main problem I have is the climbing the ramps are too difficult. The egg slips and slides the whole time, I wish it gripped to the wood a little bit better. Otherwise great! Had fun!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah there is definitely a lot of work to be done with the visual aspect (especially since I initially planned for the game to be played in browser except I ran into some errors and that overall lowered the graphics quality)

Thanks for the feedback, yeah a tutorial definitely is one of the common suggestions I've been seeing.

Oh yes I believe I had this glitch during playtesting, I've found out the player movement is a little wonky when the game first loads in the player shoots off at like light speed (might have to do with a missed Time.deltaTime)

Hmm yeah, that's seeming to be the common problem

Hmmm yeah sounds good! Thanks for the comment. I cannot promise a polished game but I might look into building some levels and a tutorial for this.

Ooh thanks for the criticism! I will look into it

Thanks! Yeah I'm currently on the fence of turning this into an actual gam


here you go!:

here you go!:

I loved the atmosphere, i do wish the spooks were a little spookier but it was definately one of my favorite games i've played so far in this jam :))


I loved the characters and the art, the ending message was so touching and the art is beautiful. This felt very similar with the art style and pallet to undertale and i LOVED it.


I really enjoy an interactive story style adventure, i loved the styling of this as well. I think the profanity was unnecessary for the game jam but I love the aesthetic, just from opening the game i could tell it was going to be good.

I loved the art, 'twas beautiful but the gameplay felt a bit lacking, i enjoyed the simple puzzles and the ability to have a smoke break lol.

I love the sci-fi theme and the idea of waking up on a ship hurdling through space only to learn something is aboard the ship. I got a little stuck after completing the main 3 tasks but i love the idea!

I enjoyed the idea of being a helping ghost, i also enjoyed the spooky music. Although, the screaming does get very annoying after a while. Also i found the spawn system is rather easy to cheese, by just sitting in the spawning zone you can infinitely capture the skulls. Otherwise, very interesting

I do wish that the characters were easier to control, the level design makes it feel a little cramped. I do enjoy the trail behind the players and their little tilt to indicate motion. The fireboy and watergirl type puzzle solving is fun except it just feels a little unwieldy

I enjoy the idea and premise, im sure with more time there could have been more. The collisions with the player seem a little off from the actual visual collider but, for a beginner this isn't bad! I enjoyed the music.


thanks! means a lot! :))

I loved the idea of playing musical chairs with ghosts/demons, I think the jumpscare could use some work also give the game a little more tension, it felt like whenever i died it was pretty instant. Also maybe some visual indicator of what chair people are sitting in or not, maybe some shadows. Otherwise i genuinely liked it was fun!

Here ya go:

honestly, just playing other peoples that ask me to rate them. If you'd like here's mine:

It's really incredibly short, just the absolute bare bones for the game but i don't think i did too bad

(ps: if you couldn't tell it's a take on Luigi's Haunted Mansion)

Here you go:

Here you go:

Here you go:

Just checked out your game!

Here's mine:

I loved the music and the game mechanic, it was all very cute. Brought a smile to my face. Each level is interesting in that there isn't always one exact way to solve it. Altogether had a good time navigating bees :)

I loved the music and the game mechanic, it was all very cute. Brought a smile to my face. Each level is interesting in that there isn't always one exact way to solve it. Altogether had a good time navigating bees :)

Here's mine:

Here's Mine:

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Here's mine:

Sorry it's rather short


here's mine

Absolutely loved this, the "Go High" mode made me laugh so hard. I absolutely love the fast stressful pacing and the music is adorable. Altogether beautiful