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Cool game. Really fluid movements/animations and nice levels. 

Nice game! Really liked the concept and the art.

Here, have a little comment c:

Had fun playing this game XD

Hello there.


Secrets of the Castle is a 2D platformer in which you play as a ninja who's exploring an old castle. It is is intimidating, dangerous, full of secrets and also has some strange/mean signs in almos every room. As you go through, you realise that you're not the first one to try to explore it, but maybe, you're the one who's not gonna die doing so.

[end of summary]
So yeah, this is my very first platform game, and my very first attempt at making some plot with a little of depth. I don't think I did particularly great in any of those, but you gotta start somewhere and this was the best I could portray with my actual skills. Since it is my first game  of the genre, I may have messed up with some things, particularly the difficulty. The game is very hard. I tried to make it a little bit easier in this final release, and I think I got it, but I played it so many times that I worry about not  being able to really tell it is at an acceptable level of difficulty. Anyway, hope y'all like it and any kind of constructive criticism would be welcome.

Hey, I'm using this asset in my first attempt at making my first platformer, if you want to check it out its here. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot! This is my very first try at making a platformer so I'm still figuring out what works and what doesnt. As soon as I finish the final level I'm going to be working on making the game more intuitive and enjoyable, so I'll definetly keep these things in mind. 

Thanks a lot Salsadix, I've already solved the freezing bug and also changed the jumping key to "J".

I'm very glad that you liked it c:
This is how I passed level 2:

But this is only one of the ways of passing it, I encourage you to find your own!

Hey, thanks for recording it, it really helps me to get an external perspective of my game. There's actually 9 questions in the game, but sadly the random algorithm just showed you about 3 or 4 of them. I laughed so hard when you missed the Bruce "Willys" question. Not gonna tell you why, but if you take a closer look at the answers you're going to find out.

I know how you feel bro, there were times when I literally diead about 3 or 4 times in a row, or achieved 1800 score just to slowly loose them by these damn red slices. Anyway, thanks for playing!

I want to play as a dinosaur with lasers!
The game feels more fluid to play since the last time I checked it, did you made changes on the controls? anyway, keep it up!

Loved it!

Thanks! <3

Legend says Irineu still dancing to this day thanks to you!

I'm very happy to hear that! 7/10 would be a great score to get in my very first GameJam participation c:

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HI! It's me again. Yes, I really like this font, in fact, I like it so much that I used it again. But this time I used it in my first GameJam participation, it is here in case  you want to check  it out.

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First of, this is an amazing asset, loved it. Secondly, I just used it to make a game for my first GameJam participation. If you want to check it out, its here. He's not the gladiator anymore though, he's now Ricardo Milo- I mean, Irineu, a guy who's trying to win $2000 in a TV Show called Spin the Wheel!
He also has some sick dance moves to show, if you're able to beat the game c:

I just used your "Player" sprite in a submission for a GameJam today, if you want to check the game out it's here. He's not the player anymore though, his name now is Silvio and he's a host of a famous Show called Spin the Wheel!

I just used your font to make my first game, thanks for sharing!

I used this to make my game, great asset, thanks for sharing <3

I just made a game using the parallax from your asset if you want to check it out its here.

That was weird... but fun. Keep it up! haha