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incredible and super fun game!

but I did found a bug when you restart the units don't despair

thank you for the feedback! it was an idea that just poped in my head and I really enjoyed the jam, thank you for taking the time to comment!

Thank you soo much for playing my game and taking the time to comment! 

this game is a lot of fun and really entertaining, I really like the mechanics!

this game is a lot of fun and really entertaining, I really like the mechanics!

Really cool Game! fun and entertaining!

all I think could be better are the controls, maybe add WASD? but overall great game!!

First of all, Thank you for The Feed Back
I am Adding The Contdow Just trying to think How to add IT, For the rest, I will keep that in mind and change the difficulty,  and fix the platformer bug. and the boss Dialog.

And Again Thank You For the Feed Back!

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Thank you for the feed back, I really liked the game and what I could do in a week.

I believe il continue developing the game because it has a lot of potencial.

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A Really Great Game Overall, I found it Really fun And adicting!
I really Like The Graphics and Mecanics (+ the store & the Sandbox option).

All i really can say as constructive criticism is to make the space bigguer (or make the player & enemies smaller (so we can doge better)) and to make the game start a bit easier, besides that i really enjoyed this game!