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Adriano Silva

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THANKS for helping me :D
All the immortal golems have been fixed and it should save and load perfectly now

Just found the immortal baddie! I'm fixing it right now :')

Thanks for informing me 🙏

The enemies can be beaten if we hit then from behind, and the I'll squash the gallery and save bugs ASAP!!

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It was made way back when the engine was still in Beta, now that the engine left the beta phase, I don't think I could fix it's bugs and change some stuff.
I'm not very confident in the games I made at all :'(
But don't worry, I'm working on new and better stuff... I'll release some NSFW games, but I'll also keep the horror games coming, now with 3d stuff (':

Thanks, I'm glad the mini map helped!!

An amazing original idea using the theme of this jam!

Thanks :')

It feels pretty unique, can evolve into a game different from anything we've seen before.

Really enjoyable, I like the graphics and the glasses effect!

Really enjoyable, I like the graphics and the glasses effect!

Thanks a lot! xD
I hope I can make more and more scary 3D stuff from now on :')

Thank you!!! This motivates me to keep making games :')

Beat it, the audio loop isn't bad, it makes things tense and creepy.

Found Mr.Blob! C:

Cool graphics and audio O:

Cool, it even has a starting cutscene O:

Nice dungeon crawling vibes.

Interesting concept! Good use of 3d.

Interesting concept! Good use of 3d.

Thanks :)

Just press S and turn off the submarine while it is full, and wait until it empties :)

Nice atmosphere, graphics, systems. It reminds me a bit of the space game "Freelancer".

Thanks :'D

Awesome, I like the multiple camera angles.

Thanks :D
I plan to use this movement scheme to make rpgs in the future!

Nice graphics and platforming.

Interesting stats system in the beginning.

Mysterious, and the huge map gives off horror vibes.

Pretty original!

That's really good o _ o
This game style can be a huge hit.

Thanks a lot :')

It literally made me reflect on life, I'm not even kidding. To me it has a message and is very, very deep.

Cool, Iron lung vibes!!

Nice concept! It can evolve into a full game.

The most innovative game I've seen in the jam o _ o!

Thanks a lot :')

Did you make everything in one week or used premade stuff? It's amazing O:

I love this graphic style >:3

Thanks, glad you like it :')

One of the best in this jam :')