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Adriano Silva

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Nice graphics, well done :')

Nice concept!

Loved the pixel art style :'3

I'm glad you did, it motivates me to keep making stuff :'

This one is the most original I've seen!

I like them slimes >:3

Impressive for a game jam game! You can do amazing stuff with more time O:

I think I've mixed a bunch of concepts, like bomberman, Resident Evil and quick time events... But I'm glad you liked it and it felt like Prison Escape :D

One of the best of this jam, I love how the controls can be dynamic once we experiment with it :)

Yes, you hold space while walking and the character unlocks the path :)

I really liked this one, specially the pixel art style and how polished it is!

Tried to control both of them at the same time, it might actually be good for the brain, it feels like learning a new skill! O:

I wanna save that doggy >:3

Cute :3
I wanna save them cute pets ;-;

It's fun and cute, I love the doggy :3

Impressive, one of the most impressive games in the jam o:

This game can win this jam O _ O

I love the art style, the pixel art really feels like something from a classic game!

One of the top entries in the jam O:

Nice graphics and concept!

Cool game :)

Pretty unique.

You should publish it on Google Play, add some ads here and there and make some monies O:

Fits right in with the theme.

Pretty unique, it has a surrealistic feel to it

It is kinda hard, but this one is a 10/10, it is the perfect entry for the jam!

Cool! :D

The most beautiful entry O:

I like the cute graphics :3

If the jam lasted for more than 9 days, this would have turned into a big game!

Quite challenging O:

Quite challenging O:

Omg... It's such a good entry o:
It reminds me of some of those fun Nitrome games!

It would be a bit hard to do so, due to the engine being far ahead from once it was when I made it...
BUT your comment inspires me to do a remake of The Others and Minimal Fear, far better than the current games. I'll make them and release it on Android, as a free game :')

Not ATM, I'm making mobile games for now... But I might do something in the future :)

It seems to be an thing... I've changed it to "document" and "others", but it always displays "demo" o _ o

Yes, itchio wouldn't let me upload it as anything else but a "demo" 🤔

I'll try to find a way to upload it labeled as a PDF or something close to it to avoid further confusion. :')

About it, 1-3 hours :)

Thank you :')

Even with a low spec pc and my beginner experience with 3d, I'm happy I could make some low poly models :D

A free key to my game, hope you like it. I'm working hard to make better and more graphically complex games to be released this year :')