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Space Madness community · Created a new topic Any Videos?

Any videos of gameplay?

Cannot get this to work on Windows getting sound only. Win7 Pro x64.

Is there a short game play video somewhere?


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Needs controller support.


Is this the same game as, "Super Bomberman 2 Remix"?

I tried it and my joystick works! I didn't know it had joystick support.

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Would benefit from joystick support. :)

She changes her outfit like 10 times in a day??? How does this even fit in with the story line.

I am using the WinAPE emulator and the screen scrolling is really bad?

Your welcome! :)

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I think one of your downloads is missing the file extension. 

jc64dis-win32 56 MB                                                                                                                                        5 hours ago (22 October 2023 @ 09:36)

Thanks, that worked.

I am trying to play this game on an emulator, but it looks like you need a light gun, to choose the control method?

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I like it. :)

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Thanks for continuing to develop this. I've found it to be an invaluable tool. :)

Are you supposed to hit the orbs together?

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Expanding it, opened up the Compiler Messages.

I thought I was just out of coffee :)...

After you compile, what does the sideways lock mean?


Thanks for the explanation. :)

Why are there 3 different versions of .NET in the package?

Can this be used to create VIC-20 BASIC programs?

Thank you for making this available on!

Cool game! I love the artwork and atmosphere!

Really nice game.

Looking forward to it!

Is there a setting to change the game language to English?

Awesome job! I love the speed and the in game speech.

I love the game!

Would you be able to add some sound effects?

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It only took me 3hrs to get the joke.

No issues.

Is this the most up-to-date version of the game?

Thanks! I'll try it again.

What are the controls?

Awesome works now with your updated file!

PICO-8 community · Created a new topic Pico-8 Console

Wish there was an official Pico-8 console (not handheld).