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>But I have a normal job and games are a hobby.

With any paid sale comes responsibility.

Upload Mac & Linux version.

Bug report: As soon as you start the game, Frog will keep moving to the right. This bug does not happen when the gamepad is not connected.

OS: Linux Mint 20.2

Gamepad: Xbox One Controller

The Linux version is only available in 32 bits. Very disappointing.

Language: Japanese is grayed out and the in-game language cannot be changed to Japanese.

How to change the in-game language?

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Thanks for the reply. I have the system language set to Japanese, but the game language does not appear to be Japanese. Or is it a missing font?

Bug report: When the game is run in full screen, the mouse cursor is locked and the game cannot be played.

Game version: Dawn of a Soul - Linux 64bit - without

OS: Linux Mint 20.2

How do I change the in-game language?

This game is not compatible with Linux and MAC. Remove those tags.

Why was Linux removed from the supported OS in the tag?

This bug has not been fixed yet.

Mouse cursor has disappeared. - Steam Community

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Reminder: This game is 32bit only.

This game is not compatible with Linux.

Update this game.

The Linux version has the wrong BIN_PATH in

This game is not compatible with Mac or Linux.

This game is not compatible with Linux, the Linux version of the zip does not contain the executable for Linux.

This game is not compatible with Linux.

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The Steam version is getting an update on 2021-09-20, when will version 1.0.9 come to the version?

+1 That seems like a good idea.

Are MacOS and Linux versions not available for

Is the Linux version not available on

Thanks for the reply. By management reasons, do you mean that the cost of support is not balanced by the expected profit to be gained? I'm very curious about this because there are a few other games on that have not released full versions.

The Linux version has a large number of bugs.

Thanks for the update! I am a Linux user.

Previous versions required a trick to get the game to start properly, which I have confirmed is fixed in this patch.

The D-pad can be used, but there seems to be a bug; the right side of the D-pad is recognized as down, the left side as up, and the up and down keys do not work.  This bug may not occur in Windows. I have encountered this bug in other Unity-made games, so it might be a Unity bug. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed on the game side, but there are games out there where the D-pad works fine with Unity + Linux + Xbox controller.

Does this game support English only?

Just out of curiosity, why don't you release the full game on

Thanks for the reply. It's a shame.

I too want this feature, on a platform with such a low barrier to entry (a good thing) as itch, it would be very useful to know which games are in active development.

Does this game only support English?

Thank you. After updating, please add Japanese to "Languages" in "More information".

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Is it a specification that the D-pad cannot be used to operate the menu screen? I'm using an Xbox One controller.

When will the June 24 update ( that came to the Steam version come to the version?

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The Linux version of the game file does not contain an executable file, only data. So, the game will not run.

I could not find any executable files other than those for Windows.

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This game is not compatible with Linux.

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This game does not support Linux.