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Cool! Lovely animations and music! And nice touch with the credits sign :)

Nice! Plays really well and the artwork is amazing!

Had fun with this one! I agree with the others, the sound design really took this game to the next level, well done!

Fun little game! I really like the idea. But clearly I'm not very good at betting at horses cause I'm not doing too well. I do miss music a little, or some classic horse racing trumpets effects or something like that.

Nice little game with good 'floaty' fish controls!

Fun little game! Only issue I ran into was the player character disappeared (at least visually) when i finished the level but no new level loaded (could still jump and hear the jump sound for instance) - seems to be a bug there. This only happened once though so not sure how common.

Simple and fun with good art and music. Like it! Also like that it's so clear clear what you're supposed to do without any text or prior instructions.

Nice job! Lovely art and animations and really nice music. A great entry on all accounts.

Plays great and looks great! Really difficult but I think that fits this type of game well.

Nice one! Very much like the reimagining of all the classic characters. Jumping did feel a bit off as someone else pointed out.

Nice little game, good effort!

Fun game! Stunning pixelart and animation!

Very cool. Loving the visuals!

Thanks for the feedback! Fair points! I was aiming for some drifting to keep it challenging but you might be right, could be it just takes away from the experience instead.

Nice aesthetic! The big guy always kicked my ass :)

Great sound and visuals and really cool idea!

Very cool! Love the look, but yea, hard as nails! :)