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Very very true. Not all are haters. You make very valid points. :) and any constructive criticism that makes you grow is definitely a good thing. 

So since this contest started I have been watching twitch streams about it and looking at the reviews and I personally have played a good number of these games, and I just had a message I wanted to share with everyone in this contest - Don't get down. It's only been a handful of days but I have see a lot of hate from others directed at others. Sometimes we don't stop and think before we speak. We stream a game, tear it apart and then rush to our computer to demoralize and spread our "I know better because I have so and so followers" Now I'm not trying to attack any one person, but I saw one gamer get thrashed and turn to "Fine, I'll never make another game again." And we act  like..."Get over it." Don't let this competition turn to hate. It's good to be critical to help someone... but make sure your comments are coming from a good place. Because I don't know how things like "Your story sucks. You used the based materials so obviously your game isn't good. Your art came from a pack so its not good. Your plugins aren't original so your game is bad." These are opinions. If any one of us was a solo artist, programmer, writer, whatever... we wouldn't really be an indie developer would we. We each have strengths and are using games to showcase what we can do. And before anyone gets on their high horse, there isn't one game in this competition that is perfect. There also isn't one game everyone is going to like. Just because someone tears you down, doesn't mean your game isn't good. Aside from someone pointing out an actual bug or crash, so much of these comments are OPINION based. Please remember that. And hopefully comments will be critical and help you grow instead of tearing you down, but as artists we must accept hate comes with this line of work. Yeah we got to deal with them. I can preach all day about others being kinder, but it starts with you as a developer to say even if I get hate, that isn't a reflection on me... so to the guy or girl... who said they would stop making games, please don't. I played your game. It has so much potential. I And I will tell you this, I looked at the entries and I played your game early on an it was the one I said man that's going to win. This is a great game. Yes, my opinion. The game engine you used was unique to me. I didn't know your assets or art or some  plugins were apparently what everyone uses. But you know it didn't matter. Think about this, you still managed to gain a fan even with those base assets. A game that can do that without throwing custom sparkly stuff at you, that has something. Now I know this is the part where someone is going to say "So you're saying people who customized everything aren't good", well you're obviously missing my point. As developers, we miss the actual game. We miss the message when all we can focus on is... omg they're using moghunter or yanfly plugins everywhere. Or omg they are using all the base assets that come  with SRPG Studio - cause you know unless you're a game dev, you won't know that. If you don't believe me, go play a game from an engine you know nothing about - you wouldn't be able to tell me what comes with it or doesn't. So you don't let those facts that you know the art or you know the plugins or music to say well they had a whole month and they should have made everything original - and that taints a true playthrough. I know the people that do this won't change. It's hate. It's competition.  Hey, I hold props to the people in this competition who go out there play the games and say I'm going to give everyone a fair shake. Good on you. But  I know the hate won't stop... but I hope the people who entered this contest can change their perception of some of it. There are no bad games here. All I see is a shit ton of potential. There are things that aren't my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. Don't let the non constructive criticism get to you. You are all indie, you are all growing. And each and every one of you is capable of greatness - don't let the haters dictate your worth or your games worth. At the end of the day one game might have thousands of ratings. You might have 4. Who's to say the former game is better? Only you can say that. Reframe your perception. Some of the greatest most touching games to me were not popular. Some of the games I  go back to and thought man I didn't just enjoy playing this but it touched me. It moved me. Those games weren't popular. Don't let your followers or lack of followers dictate what is good. You keep making your games. You do it for you and if you made something you are proud of, you already won. Yeah yeah the hates are going to say yeah you can make something you like but this is a competition or can you actually make money doing it. or if it doesn't sell well then why are you wasting time making anything. Let them say it. Let them spew hate. Because they want you to stop. Then  they win. Don't stop. Don't let societies view on success dictate your views. One of the greatest franchises today I love - its a tv show - but was Veronica Mars. They cancelled that show years ago. They said it was awful. No one watched it when it originally ran. Then people started to see it on youtube. It slowly built a following and fans who originally weren't demanded it come back. Netflix finally listened to that and brought it back. But people originally bashed that show. It had more haters than fans. But that fact did not mean it wasn't good. If one person only plays your game, but you impact that person for life. Isn't that better than a thousand followers? Maybe not money wise, but then you got to ask yourself why are you making games? If it's because you say because I couldn't do anything else and be happy... then screw what haters say and you keep doing your thing because as long as you keep working and trying hard and you are making something you are proud of, you'll succeed. If its just to make money, well then go ahead and listen to what the people want, but you're going to find it a hard time to try and make everyone happy. 

Ok ok enough of this rant... and for anyone that got to the end of this... good on you. Don't give up guys. I like these competitions because you can see how much talent is truly out there. You guys made part of a game in less than a month! Be proud of that. Truly few  people can accomplish that!