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Thank you! We are happy that you like it! 

Hi guys!

If you like the Zelda like games you can check the Humpty's Trouble. This is just a short game for kids, but if you will like we will make a second version.

You can play it in browser, your phone or even download it to you Game Boy classic, GB Color, GB Pocket or GB Advance.

Game made with GBStudio -

Let me know what you think about it!



That's a nice game! Very nice music.

If you have a spare time have a look at my game:

Thanks a lot! We have created another short game with GBstudio, more as a concept game.  Now, we will try to create something more complete. Let me know if you plan to upgrade GBStudio I would have some ideas what to improve. Cheers!


Thank you! That's our first project. Keep the fingers crossed and we will start a new one soon.

Hi Chris! 

I would like to thank you for all the work you have put into developing GBStudio. For the last few weeks (after my work) me and my wife made a first game ever! That was a fun! We made it for our kids and they love it! My wife did not believe that we can make it, but here it is!

You can have a look here:

One more time I want to thank you for a great piece of software!

Keep up a good work!