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Yeah thanks, the comic is really cool. Makes the game make a bit more sense too

Nice, really well done. Just wanted to point out that I got to 5000+ points because I didn't press any buttons...maybe not supposed to happen?

The game was nice, and the controls fit nicely. The stages and trajectory worked well too. I never did find the asteroid though :( . One thing; is the comic broken or something? I went to the page and it just showed a blank page with the title [LIVE]. Any ideas?

What kind of program is this made on? I couldn't get it to start

Really awesome game, I loved waving that around. Also, the double jump if done properly made the lightsaber spiral around and destroy everything! I love it! Making this into a whole game would be awesome, and also maybe adding some collision boxes at the edge :) .

Felt really nice playing it, and great job with the camera dynamics, like more points the better photography! I never got over a C, but I played through several times and had a ton of fun.

Points to consider: mouse sensitivity was a little high for me, but not excessively so; maybe a settings bar? Then also like @randomphantom said, motion for buns, and then it would be nice if the crouching was toggled and then it would be easier to photograph while crouching.

Great submission BlazingMammoth! Really well done