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Man I hope all these gays robots can have a happy ending.

Looking forward to episode 3!

This was a thouroughly enjoyable experience. The art style, the tone, the casual fourth wall breaking and the surrealness; all of it went together super well. This is exactly the kind of game I wish I could make.

Honestly, I straight-up loved this one. The presentation is absolutely wonderful and super polished; everything from the feel of the explosion to how the point stars travel to the counter in the top-left really captured the feeling of good "game feel" and felt like a professionally made game. The gameplay was instantly intuitive, and the way each control is on the side of screen that corresponds to that control meant I could immediately tell which control was for which direction, and it was super fun scrambling to get my fingers across the keyboard in time to get away from an innocent old lady before ruining her day. Overall perhaps the best entry in the jam I've played so far, great job!

This is a super great entry; the gameplay of both modes are fairly intuitive and easy to pick up. I'm always a big fan of good pixel art, and everything felt smooth and polished. Definitely a 5-star entry!

Minor nitpick: in Control Swap, it might have been nice to get some sort of visual indication of what the controls have switched to each time. Even with that it would still take effort to get used to each swap so I don't think it would make the gameplay feel any less "out of control".

At first the control scheme felt really difficult to get used to, and I never entirely got the hang of it, but as I started losing keys I quickly understood why they were the way they are. 

I definitely like the art of it, and both the graphics and the music were very polished!

One minor thing I did encounter was that at one point, I was told I lost a key which I had already lost earlier. In a more complete game I imagine the game would avoid redundancies like this. I also felt like enemies were a bit too rare, and I often had to really go searching for one.

Overall though, definitely a very solid entry!

Really captures the difficulty of talking to people in real life.

(For a real review, the game has a great artstyle and writing, and an interesting system of gameplay that slowly feeds the player new complexities over time. Would definitely recommend giving this a try)

Got this as part of the Racial Justice Bundle, and I loved it. It was incredibly funny and clever, making me laugh out loud multiple times. Even if you get it on its own rather than as part of a bundle, it'd be absolutely worth even more than the listed price.