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Explore mid 20th century Europe as an ex-OSS operative using quick wits, problem solving abilities and gritty charm to duck and weave his way between cultists, crazy Frenchmen and dangerous killers! Based on point & click classics, Trouble Hunter Chronicles revitalizes the genre for the modern era.

This 2D hand drawn point and click  adventure game will be coming out in early 2021 but the free demo is available now:

Episode 4 is free (the regular release) on our Patreon too.

It's possible the older links expired - download episode 4 as every episode contains all the previous ones. Or if the links on aren't working you can download from our Patreon

Thanks! <3

There's a spoiler free walkthrough available to Patrons but I also encourage and welcome player created guides (as they may be easier to use). I highly recommend dropping by our discord channel where you can ask for help and discuss with other players. 

The file itself is fine since it's been downloaded any played from that link a lot of times. Perhaps the download itself went wrong so try downloading again. Failing that, keep in mind you need to allow installation of this file. If you'll still have problems let us know.

Thanks! If you can put a link to our Patreon ( in your video description that'd be appreciated.

Also, there're quite a few discord communities which would appreciate your gameplay and thoughts on the game, starting from our own:

Episode 4 is out for Patrons (

It will be available for free once Episode 5 comes out for Patrons. But if you like the game I do recommend baoming a Patron as at higher tiers you will also get extra scenes and other additions.

Thanks, so glad you like it!

Do join us on our Patreon page and support to get access to the latest episode 4 with additions like the gallery :)

Thanks for the praise! It is meant for multiple playthroughs and if you visit our Patreon you can play episode 3 now.

I assume you mean the Android version? Alas yes, there is no rollback or hide dialogue option since these mostly rely on mouse or keyboard input but we are trying to find a solution for that in future episodes.

As for text input - we've not noticed such problems nor do we have a reported situation where you change the name and it stays Dave. If you could give us some more info we could do further testing but, for now, no other player or our testing group has reported such problems.

Yes, the 1st is very short and it took us an incredibly long time to finish it too - our artist was very slow.

We've rectified that since and you'll have a chance to see it in Episode 2. One Patron even says he played it for 5 hours! (I imagine that included multiple gameplays)

Ah yes, I know. Here's why:

As a part of PayPal requirements for recurring subscriptions, your PayPal account will need to have an instant funding source (such as a credit card) attached to the account. If they do not have this, then you will not be able to utilize PayPal as a funding method on Patreon.
With that in mind, how things work with PayPal transactions is that they always first attempt to use your PayPal balance, and then, if that has insufficient funds, they use whatever funding instrument (e.g. a bank account, or a credit card) you selected when going through the PayPal pop-up flow on Patreon.

So unless you have a credit card yes, it won't work. Well don't worry, Episode 2 will be free once we release Episode 3. And if you ever wish to support us it is always possible to make a direct money transfer to our bank account (if you really want to let me know).

In the mean time why not join us on our discord?

Thanks for your comments.

There's a background story to unfold for those who are interested and there are a lot of choices. To explore everything in the game you'll need to play many times.

If you like it Episode 2 is available on Patreon.

As soon as episode 3 is ready, episode 2 will be released for free both here and on our Patreon (the regular version).

First things first, you can get Twisting Vines here.

What is Twisting Vines?

A first person visual novel (VN) with sex, nudity, lots of different kinks and similar. The game takes place in a contemporary setting and is realistic, so no fantasy, SF or other.

Novel or game?

This is a game. So there are a lot of choices for the player to make and all of them impact the game to a certain extent. You may lose the game, you may reach ending 1 or 2 or 13. You may end up with just one girl or 10 or none. Will you build a relationship or will you just have sex? Will you even succeed in getting girls? So yes, it's a game.

Is the game free? Is it short?

The game is written for 10 episodes. Each episode continues onto the previous one but each is fully complete and will not be changed later on. The game available here is Episode 1 which is free (although you are free to give some money if you want). It is also quite short but enough to show you what it's about, how choices impact everything (play it through a few times and you'll see) and give you a feel for what follows.

Future releases?

Episode 2 is out and can be downloaded from our Patreon. It is much longer than Episode 1 (one Patron claims to have played it for 5 hours which sounds a lot even to me but it's possible) and is available for patrons only. There are different tiers of support and you can get it for quite a low amount but there's far more to get there - extra scenes, voices in sex scenes, special posters, walkthrough... It all depends on how much you want to support the development of the game.

Also future episodes will be free at some point, but please understand that we are trying to make this a living so any help and support (spreading the word about the game or pledging even low amounts) is greatly appreciated and will enable us to finish all 10 episodes.

If you've read all that you may want to jump right into the game, but if not here's a quick view of the game:

and a quick preview of images from Episode 2:

Still here? Try out the First Episode or find out more and get Episode 2!