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Movement is a bit tough and glitchy on corners. I liked the throwing knife mech and the hand drawn instructions. 

Overall cool game!

Cool racing game! The music and physics were pretty good. Did you make the sounds?

The other day I played this game and I believe is close to what you are looking for. Also, karina's game was very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, that was a very interesting experience. Nice work. With a little bit of polishing this game has a lot of potential. What engine did you use?

Pretty cool game. Also, the fighting mechanics where creative and fun.

Pretty cool concept and great art! nice work

Pretty cool sounds! Thanks a lot.

Nice one, really scary. The SFX where really good and put me in "the zone". I am curious, how much time did the project take?

Super cool game, I really the VFX and the overall movement.

I had never played an "unplayable" game. It took me a moment to understand the concept. Interesting experience and beautiful background animation/video. Nice work.

Interesting and unique idea. Nice!

A very wholesome experience. Nice...

Certainly can not compete with the "redone version", but it was interesting. I liked the weird symbols around the phrase "you are hopeless", how did you do that? You added the extra symbols over the original text?

Nice game. It is game made with love. I liked the music and sounds in general. Also, the story was interesting and made me play the game to the end, even if I am not a huge fun of the genre. I loved the moral of the story and I am huge fun of games that are something more than just entertainment.

P.S.1: I will be playing the other ordinary adventures that you have uploaded here. :)

P.S2: If you have time I would love hear your opinion on a similar game that I made with 2 of my friends. I leave the link below if you are interested.     

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Really cool platformer. I liked the "puzzle element".

Did you make the assets?

Interesting game. Just a suggestion, if there was some visual representation like an image on every choice or maybe pieces of a big puzzle that is being revealed on every choice, that would be really cool. Nice job. 

Interesting audio and camera distance.

There are pretty cool SFX and you blend them together well. I believe that making the sounds from scratch would be so much fun. I like the out of box thinking like using a stapler for reload, hehe. 

Nice game! I really like the audio.

Beautiful game! Also, the world design was very interesting. Amazing work!

Nice, thanks for the info.

I liked the game. Simple and fun with enjoyable shooting sounds. 

I am using Unity myself and I wanted to ask you, how do you save permanently player's high score?

Well done for a first game. Especially the dark ambience of the game world. I think with a few mechanics can be a more complete experience.

Also, the audio was on spot.

Great atmosphere and lighting! I like the different kinds of enemies and the epic explosion of the rocket. If I would change anything it would be the health bar, because it was difficult to distinguish the colors.  

nice work!

Nice game! Really fun

I like the music a lot and the overall feeling that the game creates! nice one... thanks