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Awwwww I wanted the game to be longer. I wanted to see them meet back up, confess to each other. Get married. Have kids etc. etc. Such a cute ship :) The message is very simple, but very inspiring too. Good game

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Awwwww. February's so sweet! Wish more people like him existed lol. Now I'm too scared to see if there's a bad end haha. If you plan on doing any more work on this, having better transitions (the cafe scene to uni scene was a bit abrupt) would make the experience better. I would of course like more story, but short and sweet has its own charm so it's fine if you keep it this way.

If not, then good luck on other submissions! I like your character art. It's a nice 'warm' style. Perfect for this story, really.

Awww the other ending was so sweet! Haha I can't believe I got the bad ending on my first time. I am now fully satisfied :). I usually go for games in more of a fantasy setting, but this one I thoroughly enjoyed. Btw, is there a way to un-grey the extras button on the menu? I can't press on it.

May I ask if there are multiple endings to this? There were only 2-3 choices for dialogues in this entire game, but I hope there are. The characters were all very well written and fleshed out, making me annoyed and angry at times but also making me care for them in the end. The writing is very philosophical and has situations that I believe anyone who works can relate to. I just wish that their ending was on the sweeter side of bittersweet. 

Will you guys be continuing with this storyline? Showing their futures would be nice. I just can't help but feel unsatisfied with the way it ended haha. Especially since I ended up shipping the two MCs.

Anyway, it's a very nice story and if this is in fact the game in its completed state, then I wish you guys all the best for any future submissions. You guys definitely have the talent :).

I just finished playing the demo and what an experience! The inner conflict shown by a deserter was easily seen and empathized with. Simply one of the best dystopian stories I've read and the best I've played as a game to date! I really hope this has at least 10 chapters haha. I wouldn't even mind paying more. 

As for issues with the game, there are a few I noticed, but I only started scrutinizing these at Kaliningrad so I may have missed some from the Core etc.:

- Minor issues: Spelling mistakes. The quest page for "The Lost Girl" says that the girl's name is Nina, but according to dialogue, the girl's name is Mila. Next, Ivan's neighbour's mother (lol) says "...He must 'we' waiting..." at her house by the river. When we first meet Leonid, he says "Find 'my' at my place." Lastly, during the final cinematic, the Father General says "Then 'why' are you standing here for?!"

- Medium-Major issues: There are some instances when I choose the correct dialogue and the increased morale symbol shows up above my characters' heads. However, when I checked the values on the menu, the morale percentages remained unchanged. This happened with: Firstly, the talk with Lynn at Ivan's house. Secondly, after the completion of "The Lost Girl" quest, only Adair and Lynn's morale increased (intentional?). Lastly, the quest where I had to get the medicine for the baby in the church.

- Major issue (at least for me): There is no unequip button. There was a jacket I wanted to equip on Rourke, but I accidentally put it on Lynn (don't ask). Lynn had no other alternative armors so all I got was a buzz in response when I pressed on it.

It's nice to see that you guys implemented a sprinting button, but I still think it's a bit slow sorry...

In any case, I just LOVE this game to bits! Congratulations on making it this far, this is my most highly anticipated game this year!

Wow! Loved this game. It was short and sweet but left me wanting to play more :). Looking at the comments, I was very happy to see that you are making a sequel. Any update on that?

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Hello! Thank you for creating such an amazing game. I haven't played it yet but I just know I'm gonna love it haha. I just bought it off humble bundle and I have a question... The description says the game is available DRM-free but I assume this is for the full version only? I don't mind playing the early-access stage of the game through steam, but would I have to re-buy the game if I wanted the DRM-free full version of the game?