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Awww I quite liked the design of the old Ader, but you're right, the new design does look like it would better suit him in a comedy setting (I love the new design too btw, very cute). One minor thing though is the bottom left image of New Ader vs. Old Ader. The old Ader has a better design in that it presents a 'peeved and cheeky' emotion clearer than the new one. Maybe bring the eyebrows of the new Ader a bit lower? Haha.

As for Sep(?), she definitely looks better, I love it! Very bright look that helps to make her more youthful.

I actually only decided to download your game today because I wanted to play both chapters 1 and 2 at once (only found out through word-of-mouth how much you have progressed since I last looked). May I know as to when your new designs will be implemented into those chapters?

P.S. Is it a typo that it's Sep's arms that are a work in progress? Because I think her arms are fine. It's ADER'S arms that look rather large and thick considering his relative body size.

Thanks for reading!