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It's not easy to win! I couldn't manage to reach level 3 so far, but I will!  You can love and hate the copycat at the same time. For 12 hours it's a really well-done, small game :)

You're welcome! 

Currently, I'm reworking the game. The gameplay is very simple but I have a lot of fun playing it though.
I want to gain experience with mobile game publishing for another project I started to work on.
So this simple gameplay is perfect to create a lot of levels. I have a small idea at the moment how I can implement a monetization system (that won't be necessary to use as a player, because it will be optional (so far)).
The gameplay will be the same.
So a list of rework-stuff will be:
* art style
* more challenges
* achievement system
* settings for sound, language and game reset 
* perhaps I can manage to combine it with google play (save game data)  - I have just no experience with it so far
* monetization
* analytics
* later on: more types of objects. not only flowers. Perhaps candies, balloons, paper plains... 

This is the current art look (still WIP)

Thank you :) Happy you like it! 

Hey :) thank you for your comment! 
For the leaderboard we're using It's free (but not for SSL-transfer, so with the free version skilled people can fake the board). Without SSL it's also not available for webGL-builds. For GameJam games it's good enough and it's easy to implement (couldn't find the youtube-tutorial right now).

Thank you :)  I'm trying to add online high scores in every game I create for Game Jams. I think it's a nice and easy reachable feature. Especially for a game with a simple gameplay like this one.
Yes, you're right with the sounds. My friend and I are really not experienced with sound stuff. We need to change that. ^^"

Hey :) Thank you! You're right concerning "Schreiben". tbh that simply didn't come to our mind, but now that you pointed it out - it's obvious haha. German is our native language, so we didn't use a translator.

At the moment it's not possible that 2 letters of the same type are on the screen at the same time. But you're right, they can spawn twice in a row after the first one vanished.

hey, thank you :)

All the flowers are added by hand with a loooooooot of copy paste. But the activation is random based on the game progress.


enjoy it :) 

well ,  the description or the main menu it says as well: type!

On the raindrops are letters. Instead of clicking on it, just type the correct letter :)

Thank you <3

Cute idea and art! Go for the global highscore!

bra jobbat :)
Cute idea! Would love to have more exercises.