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One of the most polished and exelent scratch games ive ever played. Incredible.

i came while playing it 10/10

También me gustaría saber por qué opinas eso del juego, para que podamos mejorarlo conforme a tus gustos.

Hola Paco, quiero informarte que el soundtrack de este juego es original, fue compuesto por Douglas y puedes preguntarle en su página de scratch o por discord.

At first i thought this was just another neat pixelart game, but it surpassed that, this is a full on experience, the music, the graphics, and most importantly, the story that talks about self discovery, all combined in this game, it really has some replay value to it, i had to play it a couple of times before understanding everything, the gameplay is also fantastic, reminds me of games like day of the tentacle mixed with trauma center, there's something very special about this game, the background specialy on the intro reminds me of something... something i can't quite remember, it made me feel like the protagonist of the game, it made me feel bad for her, truly a sad story and game that more people need to find out about.

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Adobe flash/Scratch 3.0

Me encanta, me gustaria aprender como usar unity

Por cierto tu haces el pixel art?

Por que tus juegos no aparecen en la página principal? se lo merecen

Increible, me encanta como es una especie de metal slug con animales y encima la musica es increible y los sprites también, realmente se merece más apoyo hace mucho que no encuentro un juego online así de bueno

You're a spaceship with the goal of defeating an evil force known as corona king

Battle through 4 unique phases while the difficulty increases on this exciting retro-like game 

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I hope you enjoy my game :D

Pasen contexto pls