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Thanks for the quick answer!

Yeah, I can access that page but...

[Removed screenshot]


I just purchased the version of the game and it says it comes with a Steam key but I can't find it anywhere.

I tried to follow this guide but onmy downloads page there are only the x86 and x64 versions of the game. Where should I get the key?


Man this looks awesome.
I hope there are frozen sea waves here too!

Rated! I commented on the game page but wasn't able to rate back then =)

Hahah thank you for your review. I was afraid everyone was making a morse-code game and a maze it's what I came up with. Now I think I should have done a morse one!

Your game is really nice! Adding a sound it's really usefull to distinguish the different sequences.

The manual is LOVE.

Hah! I knew you were going to be between the winners =)

Congrats man!

Hey congratulations man! =)

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Congrats for the #1! =)

Good job =)
I'd capture onkeyup instead of onkeypress though. It turns crazy when you leave the key pressed!

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"Where do the input, output and player end or start?" I love when games turn filosophical.

I think the input is kind of a help too. Because you see if you typed wrong or correctly. That's why I've removed it and worked in a different idea.

I understand that not 'precise typers' will get lost if they think they typed the answer correctly. Should we help them? or not.

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Well, I've already deleted that game anyway.

I had an epiphany this morning and have made a reaaally "a mazeing" thing =)

Thanks for your help!

Removed then, thanks!

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This is my first time in a jam and i'm full of doubts!

For example, this is my game fullscreen (HTML5), and that giant pixel will be the main way to give feedback to the player. That line below is an input text, where the player will submit the response.

My question is... Is everything ok? or should I make the pixel fullscreen (don't know where i'd put the input then).

Is that input allowed?