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Turn 189 what a battle

Turn 172 I decided to do castling just to be safe both npc still alive with no armor or weapon upgrades

Turn 215 finally seen an ncp to fight saddly i tried fighting it but kept beeing swarmed with to many boats to be able to take another island

Short Game would had it sooner if the and had them both defeated on same turn if that 1 ship you see by the island didnt decide to rest their instead of fighting

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Good to play defencive until you find a good weakness to strike posibly you have tons of units and they have an island with no walls and low units things like that

Tricky to take them both down on the same turn

It be good to place defences right away knowing you lose more men attacking than defending

I remeber showing a pitcher of a tie if you look though the comment

Well in that round i been getting plenty of islands that were around but by time the time i notice them they both rushed at me

Well that nice compared to 1 time where i couldnt see any of them but they both can get to me

Well their an error their if a double ko happens well game stuck like that