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Every number says how many tapioca is under it or under the right/left/up/down sides, an easy example to understand is when numbers are like this:

1  0  0

1  1  0

1  0  0

0  0  0     In this case there is only bubba on the middle 1.

Another example:

0  0  0

1  0  0

2  1  0

2  1  0

1  0  0

0  0  0    In this case there is bubba under both 2s, since there is one bubba under the number and a second bubba under the up/down side.

Idk how to explain it better, is just reverse classic mines game

I think it's a little more difficult now. I easily won the game on 3.1.0, but barely managed to win with the same strategy now. I believe the timing of the clothes are a bit longer, just a theory.

No I feel dumb...

Just in case: There are no more working steam keys, unless there is a sixth key very well hidden.

I had fun on the maze tho

I just love the dead frog messages, and no, I did not die on purpose, it just took me while to understand the game

I said "I shouldn't relate so much to you" before "Of course you wouldn't know becase...", that hit me so hard. I loved this game :)

Justo ahora solo puedo escribir en español porque no me saldrían las palabras en inglés suficientes para decir cuan maravilloso es este juego, me atrevo a decir que más que un juego ha sido una experiencia. Por momentos en verdad comienzas a pensar como la protagonista, y esta tan bien hecha la narrativa qué es muy fácil meterte en la historia, por dios, en varios momentos me hizo llorar mientras leía los diálogos. Definitivamente vale la pena jugarlo, por lo menos una vez.

Love the mechanics, I specially enjoyed the levels that make me look for a solution a lot of times because I'll have to figure out what am I doing wrong

I loved the game, really, but I can't help to feel some parts of the backstory are weird, specially with the "get the law involved" and the "call the police". It was just weird, for me at least a logical solution for a collage student would be suggest therapy rather than involving the police. I'm also not an expert but I don't get the feeling that Ly had depression since no one I know with clinical depression brags about how they handle it when a friend also is depressed. It feels like he had something else, but again, I'm not an expert, but it just feels weird to me.

And I repeat, I loved the game. I recomend people play it since it's so good (aside from the coments above).


It's a fun game, now I need someone else to play :D

I had no idea this game mode existed!

I am losing, however, I won't let a little death get in the way. I love this one

I'll post my review also here:

I wholeharthly love this game. I had a bit of a hard time figuring out the game at first but I enjoyed it all the time!

Voy a pegar lo que dije en mi reseña:

Es muy tierno y entretenido a pesar de ser relativamente corto, me encantó <3

I'm still figuring some stiles, but I do recomend to play with a notebooks or something to write on if you don't have the best memory like me

This game is so fun but there is a bug on the browser version when you go full-screen that makes the cards and some words become non-visible

Good to know there is at least 1 other person who lost an object while playing. It was so fun!

I'll just put my review here:

This IS a great game!! I knew from the start I was gonna die, and I did die, but hey I had fun along the way. I already want to replay it just so I can get a better relationship with Margaret, yes, just for that. Anyway, I LOVE THIS GAME :D

"u can't combine things in your inventory so don't try doing that" *Proceds to try multiple times to combine objects because got lost on the last end*

Very fun game :D

I forgot the ILL stat and died for the sake of being a lady, and I don't know if I should laught or cry

Esto es un recuerdo desbloqueado, gracias :D


I love it!!

I really miss playing this tic-tac-toe style with my bestie and now I can play it like this :DD

Sure, my twitter us @irontiuay and my disvord is irontiuay#8225

Hi, I would like to give it a try despite the short-time. I would like to help you co-translate it.

This was an expirience...

I really enjoyed the game, it is probably the most relaxing game I've played without feeling bored after a few levels.

However, I tend to get really invested in anything when I'm receiving some sort of "grading", and even if that makes me enjoy a bit more the games, in this case it felt so stressing trying to figure how could I get 2 or 3 stars, specially when after a while I can't figure out a right answer (for example, trying colors with the books) and the hint is pointing me out the method I already got right.

I loved this story, the suspense!!

This is awesome!

Waiting to see how this develops :D

I need more stars to rate this, I need 6 stars at least. Great work :D

I just joined and have no ideas yet, however if you want to handletter a big project why not trying to do a font by hand, scan it and use it for your project, I think that could also work

So I've been messing around with the program a bit to get used to it and I did 2 walls, then added a lot of stuff around to try it out and now I want to clean the space but one of the walls can't be deleted. Even if I create a new wall on the same space I can only delete the new wall but not the other one, maybe is a bug but I spent like an hour trying and nothing worked for me so far.

I love this game, but I also think this is a one time game. I played 3 times, one for each possible character.

Despite the fact of being created around stereotypes I feel this is precisely what helps to reinforce the messages, because, while not everyone will expirience life like this, it shows what's the worst outcome, which people often tries to ignore.

The girl's one is one that specially connected with me; almost teared up knowing how the story would end (the equality rights one).

I hated this in the way it made me feel fear so great job :)

So far I've been enjoying this app, however I am curious if there is any way to import our own models/tokens? I see on the list above there used to be a way to do so, and since my games are not so DnD oriented (I never learned to play that so I use other rulesets) I am currently using other tokens to replace characters

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With only 2 plays so far I already love it!

It was so funny to me how my first round was 4 days because it took me 2 days to learn to play. I plan to get over 12 days, I shall not have favorites no more.