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That was a nice story :)

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The game is a 10/10, relly fun and interesting mechanics! :D

But, the save funtion doesn't work.

This was the best getting back notice I've ever seen!!

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Hi! I just gave it a try and I am a little stuck with the "finding my delivery" sidequest. I'll give it another try another time to try to complete the game.

Anyways, some bugs I found during my play:

  • After talking to lizard I talked to street guy 1, then street guy 2 and then minotaur. When I checked my cards again street guy 1's card dissappeared for the rest of the game.
  • I tried talking a bit with street guy 1 but the option for a comic trade didn't appear (idk if for the lack of tries/clicks, kind of the street guy 2 situation described down) until after I got the golden figure, then I got the dialogue for the side quest.
  • I had to click multimple times on street guy 1 to get the dialogue of the side quest (I don't remember how many, around 3 after talking to minotaur).
  • After giving the energy drink to lizard I checked my cards and street guy 2's card dissappeared. After going in circles for minutes between repeating the same "I wanna open up with you / I need a feather" dialogue and going to all locations the card finally reappered, and dissappeared every time I got to another location until I talked to it again.
  • I had to click multiple times on street guy 2 to start the actual quest. I mean that I keept going for more than 7 times with the "I wanna open up with you / I need a feather" dialogue until I got the "hello random number 6" one. Every time I got off the street to a different location dialogue would reset to the first one but still give me the side quest dialogue on the second click after.

If this really is a demo I need moreee

This game is so fun, the puzzles are not too difficult and the character's personality and little side-quests are great!

Unironically I felt it was imossible to solve the puzzle because I dind't know why it wouldn't let me in.

Good little game tho :D

That was sick!

Tho it isn't a multiplayer at all, should remove the tag

I really loved this game. The story was beautiful, and even if too short it reflected very well the message.

(I found it a bit triggering with certain dialogues, but it felt kind of healing later)

I couldn't finish the game because of the home key :(

I enjoyed it while it lasted though

(I use laptop, no, I don't have home, fin, bloq num)

You wouldn't believe it I actually died before even reaching the attic, and no, it wasn't because of any spirit...

Anyway, I had a lot of fun replaying to explore what else I could do with the "non-essencial" stuff (couldn't figure anything out with the ceramic figure, but I figure a couple of thins with the rest c:)


Can I get shiny ponies on poniville or I can just get the first I got back?

Also, I'm really enjoying this game :D

I enjoyed to see this mix between nonograms and plataformer, however, I couldn't even get pass the first half despite how many times I tried through a couple of days.

The physics of the game make it a bit too complicated to go further from the spikes parts of the map, also the hitbox of the capibara makes some parts really hard to get through, making it almost luck-based since precise jumps are also adding to the difficulty since it looks like the capibara is always running and slipping.

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Stuck at 35 is crazy ToT

Anyways, I got through a lot of levels deleting the block I was on and walking to the new tiled space next to me, not sure if that's a bug

I finally understood how to play.

My overall gameplay can be resumed in: 8 priority people, 1 murdered (she was the "death by violence" cause), after the 10 people mark all the deaths were by illness, final population of 3 people and around 14 food left (I had more food than population since day 7 even by giving extra).

Farmers, workers and merchants are priority. The firts day people are going to die even if everyone has foodt them die.

Once population is lower than the food you have you can start to be a little humanitarian (if you still have soldiers, children, students or unemployed by then).

If people says they can pay you for an extra ration you'll want to have at least twice the food of the population to give a yes, and it's prefeerable to stay between the 2 and 3 total rations for them; if they insist keep saying no, they'll eventually leave, no need to kill.

But also beware of the "unemployed", if you keep getting deaths by violence it's probably them, and not necessarily the adult ones. There was this Darcy girl who I didn't give rations until day 4 and she always stole an extra ration, once I got fed up with her I shoot and after that deaths by violence stopped...

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I really loved the game, but I lost just when I had 1 photo left because the monster bugged and after I took the photo of the monster right in front of me it didn't go away and kept waiting until I tried to to change the cartridge and it just killed me.

I guess its a minor bug since all the other times it worked but I was almost there and that ruined it for me.

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Got tired after 44 stars (rougthly 70-80 levels), I'm pretty stuck on the out of my mind and infinite spining games tho...

This was way more impressive than what I was expecting, and I was already expecting a great game!



Lovely artstyle, belibable narration, but I was so mad trhough most of the story, not sure if for the bad thoughts that surrounded the protagonist or because she listened to them most of the time >:(

I know, but the post tab also counstpost the ates to gameew gposted, so it doesn't filter that much if you're following a lot of people or follow proyects that update constantly (like accounts with bundles all year or assets lists that add new assets avery week)

While some people post only games/assets and so on, some other people post this content every now and then and make other kind of posts with critique or jam recommendations and so on. These are the kind of posts that get lost, even when filtering just Posts on the Feed.

I follow a lot of people, some of them just update about their games, but some users also take the time to make interesting posts to talk about different topics like jams, game recomendations, essay-like analysis of game industry and genders, etc. And the only place one can read these posts is the feed. However, the feed can also get flowed for exampe by other kinds of posts like game game releases and updates. And if you try to look on the user's profile it will likely be flooded by comments/replies, and without possibility to look throw the full activity of the user since it just shows the recent activity (like the 20 most resent posts/updates/comments).

I think it would be nice to be able to look at the posts the creators make, like I stated before, sometimes people make them talking about interesting topics or just recommend games and gamejams that might be of interests for the poeple following them.

I really love this app. I've been using it for a couple of days now and it helps me to have a visual reminder of the things I need to do.

I think it would be nice to be able to at least edit the days of the reminders once you create a todo, and also if there were more sprites, so it would be easiear to look for a specific todo (I'm using it to track school work so it's common I end up with at least 2 of each).

Overal I really enjoy using it, great work :D

Hi, I've been using this since last week and I'm really happy with how this works, very useful tool :DD.

Sadly, I've got a little problem running the program. Since most of the time I have to force the turn off of my laptop I think that messes up with the "start on system start" option, I didn't know how to fix that so I made a direct access button to start the program from my toolbar, but now I have to start it twice since the first load is inmediatly closed. It's not a big problem but I thought I'd let you know.

Again, thanks for making this tool, I will continue to use it :D.

I did it :D, just took me 2 tries, one to understand the game and this one

5 different endings?????? I have only found 3.... Welp, I'll find the rest later, cause the story is so lovely and whatnot informative :)).

You got me obsessed with this game for 3 days until I finally got a full level clear

(I feel very proud and needed to tell someone)

Every number says how many tapioca is under it or under the right/left/up/down sides, an easy example to understand is when numbers are like this:

1  0  0

1  1  0

1  0  0

0  0  0     In this case there is only bubba on the middle 1.

Another example:

0  0  0

1  0  0

2  1  0

2  1  0

1  0  0

0  0  0    In this case there is bubba under both 2s, since there is one bubba under the number and a second bubba under the up/down side.

Idk how to explain it better, is just reverse classic mines game

I think it's a little more difficult now. I easily won the game on 3.1.0, but barely managed to win with the same strategy now. I believe the timing of the clothes are a bit longer, just a theory.

No I feel dumb...

Just in case: There are no more working steam keys, unless there is a sixth key very well hidden.

I had fun on the maze tho

I just love the dead frog messages, and no, I did not die on purpose, it just took me while to understand the game

I said "I shouldn't relate so much to you" before "Of course you wouldn't know becase...", that hit me so hard. I loved this game :)

Justo ahora solo puedo escribir en español porque no me saldrían las palabras en inglés suficientes para decir cuan maravilloso es este juego, me atrevo a decir que más que un juego ha sido una experiencia. Por momentos en verdad comienzas a pensar como la protagonista, y esta tan bien hecha la narrativa qué es muy fácil meterte en la historia, por dios, en varios momentos me hizo llorar mientras leía los diálogos. Definitivamente vale la pena jugarlo, por lo menos una vez.

Love the mechanics, I specially enjoyed the levels that make me look for a solution a lot of times because I'll have to figure out what am I doing wrong

I loved the game, really, but I can't help to feel some parts of the backstory are weird, specially with the "get the law involved" and the "call the police". It was just weird, for me at least a logical solution for a collage student would be suggest therapy rather than involving the police. I'm also not an expert but I don't get the feeling that Ly had depression since no one I know with clinical depression brags about how they handle it when a friend also is depressed. It feels like he had something else, but again, I'm not an expert, but it just feels weird to me.

And I repeat, I loved the game. I recomend people play it since it's so good (aside from the coments above).


It's a fun game, now I need someone else to play :D

I had no idea this game mode existed!

I am losing, however, I won't let a little death get in the way. I love this one