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Right now there is no search for testers, but I think it will be conducted closer to the release. Of course I will keep you in mind!

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I'm sorry, I didn't see the message. If there are a lot of bugs, it is better to write to the mail, so as not to clutter up the comments. Many thanks for the bugs found!


The game will be ported to consoles, including the switch. Help with music is not needed, it is written by a wonderful musician Darkman007. I also have a publisher, so there are no problems here either. The game is in the final stage of development. 

I am very glad that you like the game, thank you so much for your attention! :)

Отличная игра, затягивает.  И пиксельарт приятный. Но не без мелких багов :D

Hi! Glad you like it! :D

  Yes, there is some problems with resolution, I'll definitely fix it! It's old problem =\

 Thanks for feedback!

Yes, these are not serious skins. Most of the future skins will be more suitable for the theme of the game. It's unlockable bonus, as a joke, along with some serious ones, you right. Thank you for your feedback!

Да, эти скины не серьёзные, но большинство будут нормальными! В стилистике игры. Это только наброски, которые не факт что войдут в игру. С Геной отличная идея вообще :D

Nice video!

Sure it is :D

Thank you for looking at the game!

Of course! What exactly is better to add there? Thank you for your feedback :D

Thank you! :D

Спасибо, рад что понравилось! Неплохой канал, кстати, пожалуй подпишусь

Nice video! You are a skilled player

Yes, game is for Windows, I didn't test it on other OS. I suppose that's the reason. Then I don't know how to solve this :(  I'm going to make the game compatible with various operating systems, but after I finish game

Thank you! There wouldn't be release this summer, but maybe (maybe!) this year. At least I hope so :D

Nice video! Thank you! Yes, there is a lot of meat and gore now, I love grimdark :D

Hi! I suppose you need to unpack .zip archive. You need archivator ZIP if you don't have one. After that you will get Iron Meat folder, and then run Iron Meat.exe inside, no installation needed

Or you can't download game?

(Sorry for my English)

Hi! Thank you for your attention to the game!

 The future is dark. There were no global wars, but economic crises are raging, and the world's population as a whole has become poorer. Nothing has happened to the United States, everything is the same, but the economic crisis has affected them too. The game takes place in Russia. Events are developing rapidly, yesterday everything was as usual

Hi! Thanks for feedback! Can't say how, but I'll figure something out about gun. And, uh, I personally don't like Super Metroid aim style, but I think I'll make it customizable

Thanks! I can't talk about the price (because of the contract), but it won't be high :D

Lock is already added (you can adjust it in settings), but there won't be a strafe, because it changes the game mechanics a lot (and I'll have to change all the levels)

And I can't say for sure about game characters yet

Thank you so much for your attention!

На положительные отзывы тоже приятно смотреть, спасибо :D Обновил демку, изменил цвет пуль. Это из-за режима на двоих - игроки путаются в старых цветах пуль, поэтому у игроков все пули синие\зелёные а у врагов красные\оранжевые

I actually didn't play contra 4, I saw it on Youtube. Don't like hook too! I think I was talking more about graphical part... And yes, Super C on NES is the best. I have played only Contra and Super C (both NES), so it's my favorite games in series by default :D

Спасибо за отзыв! :) Да, я из России, Питер.

Дизайн главного героя - известная проблема, мало кому он нравится. 100% что переделаю к моменту релиза. Сказывается не очень большой опыт рисования. По этой же причине вряд ли будет выбор персонажей - если одного толком нарисовать не могу, то куда уж несколько. Хотя сейчас скилл прокачался, может и лучше пойдёт

Big, big thanks! :)

Thank you! I think contra 4 was pretty good :)

Thank you! :)

Ничего страшного нет, наоборот, спасибо за фидбек! Сделать спрыгивание на ходу можно, но я ещё не решил - собираю фидбек. Совсем не исключено, просто мнения у игроков по этому поводу разные. Может быть, ради эксперимента, в следующем обновлении добавлю эту возможность

Спасибо! :)

Пока что нет, я основываюсь на мнении большинства, которому интуитивным кажется прыжок вверх на бегу =\

Про приятные прыжки - имелось в виду input buffering

Всё ок :) Задержка после смерти сокращена др 1.5 сек, думаю на следующей неделе обновлю демку. Там и прыжки "приятней" станут. Спасибо! :D

Glad to hear that! :)

Oh, thank you very much! But after the release, the game will be paid =\ But in the future the demo will have 3 levels

Thank you! :D

It's looks laggy for some reason, I'll surely fix later, it's not supposed to work like that :(

1) Yes, you can. Previous demo version was 64x, but it was an accident :(

2) You can wishlist it on Steam:

Thank you for your attention, glad you like it! :)

(Google help me to translate it)

Thanks! :)


1) Cool idea, I think I'll do it, thanks!

2) Oh, difficult question... Most reviews say that the level is too hard, so in case if  I'll add  enemies like you suggest, it will be only on "hard"

Thanks for feedback! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :) I'm doing everything I can to get it over with as quickly as possible

Thank you for taking a look at the game! :)

Yes, there will be 2 player co-op in full game. Thanks for your attention, glad you liked it! :)