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Yolo’d the story in last-minute 😅

Glad you liked it :)

Reminds me when I used to play Zombie Tag with my friends when I was younger.

Amazing graphics, very polished, and super clean game.

Good job!

Thanks :)

Appreciate it!

I had to yolo in the story in the last two hours, so I just let my brain type for me.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Glad you liked it :)

The UI of this game is considerably clean. Amazing use of AI for each scene, everything looks really good!

Very cool concept, and awesome sound/visual effects!

Exploring this game was a really enjoyable experience.

I really love the vibes of this game. The effect of the thick guy slamming into an enemy made me laugh.

Nice use of AI, and great job :)

Ran into a bug where all the enemies just disappeared from the canvas. The game starts pretty fast so I died multiple times before I could even figure out what was going on.

Other than that, interesting concept. Nice job.

If you move horizontally onto a platform, the player’s hitbox can be stuck halfway through the platform.

Other than that, nice job. The music really adds some nice vibes to this game.

That’s a known bug which I didn’t have time to investigate/fix just yet.

Reloading the page fixes it usually.

Every single city on the subway map displays ???, can’t go anywhere



While in deep town, I see this npc just standing there. Can’t interact with it or anything.

This is one of the most hillarious and creative games I’ve seen before!!

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After defeating the lady of the lake, I obtain the wall climb, but when I go back to the area before the prismatic paradise dumping grounds, the wallclimb is completely gone. Also, just like everyone else was saying, the heart from the lady of the lake is also gone as well.

She does not appear in that scene again, so you can’t regain those and fight her again.

Same thing here. No wings :( Position was saved, but nothing else.

The best game is getting better by the day :)

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Autosaving bug

After the update, my game progress got cleared, which is expected since the new update probably doesn’t maintain the original storage. I got an alert saying that vapor trails had an error when saving at one of those supercomputer shrines. It was the first one in the deeps.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the error content.

I was running the game on a mac in the web version.

Awesome! This is one of my favorite games of all time! Will definitely speedrun and play again.

Pretty nice game. The art is really polished. I won in like two minutes tho. A bit more difficulty would be nice.

Wow! Amazing game! I will spend a bit of time each day to play this through.

I love the art and UI/UX a lot!

Wow!! THis is the most amazing platformer game I’ve ever played!!

The storyline and concept are very creative. One glitch is that enemies still make sound when they are dead.