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Hi! I’m so happy that you liked the game! And thank you for your wonderful and kind words that you expressed on Twitter about Oak Hill! Feel free to contact me on my main Twitter for any suggestions and improvements, anything that can help it’s appreciated! Thank you again, have a good day!!

Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to provide soon new contents!

I’m glad you liked it!

The art and the graphics of this game is out of this world. WONDERFUL!! 10/10!!

This is a little masterpiece.

I love this kind of games. But, in this case, the narrative was so immersive that makes me wish to read another of these interactive stories!

I really hope you are gonna do more of these! 10/10!!

When I saw your games I was excited to try one of them, then I found The Raven.

You know, I'm a big fan of this genre. And this game it's one of the best I ever played in this field. I loved the illustrations as well, they are beautiful and they perfectly match the atmosphere and the narrative.

It's a masterpiece. Loved it. 10/10!!! Thank you for realizing this work!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing!! I hope you liked the journey with Theo!

Thank you so much!! You are so kind!

I'm glad you loved it!

Hi! Thank you for playing! One of the old version of the game had the purpose to keep an high score of the coins and chest you collect. But I mentioned in a Devlog that I'm working on a major update where the coins will be useful to buy skins and more useful objects for the character! I'm working on it everyday, I'll keep y'all updated!

You're welcome! Thank YOU for playing the game!

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for your suggestions! As mentioned before, I'm working on fix some of these "problems" with an huge update and, since it's my first work, I still have a lot to learn! Also,when you die it just make you restart the level, not the entire game. But I will add checkpoints in the future! And it's mentioned that the dialogues advance on their own, I wanted to add a "continue button" but I wasn't sure. Now that I know that, for some people, it may be annoying I'll surely add it in the future update! Also thank you so much for playing, I hope you had some fun and you liked the story! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them here! Have a wonderfuld day!

Exactly! Thanks for your suggestion and help, it will be useful for whose may have problems with the .rar file!

Awesome! I'm so happy it worked! Thank you again for your support, can't wait to know your opinion about Oak Hill!!

Hi again! I unzipped your file on two computers, and I also send it to a friend to see if it works on his pc as well. And it does! It actually works, so at this point I think it may be a problem related (maybe) of your anti-virus or something like this. So I suggest you to install the game on the official app, otherwise (if you want it in your Steam library) to wait until I'll be able to publish the game on Steam as well. Thank you so much for your support, your kindness and your will to try my work. Also your cover for your library looks amazing! Thank you!

Hi! Otherwise you can install the official app of and install the game, unfortunately I can't upload it decompressed 'cause it has important files that help the game to run. But I'm gonna give a look to your .rar file right now! Also thank you for your determination!

Hi! Thank you so much! You are so kind!

Hi! I just uploaded a new .rar file that shouldn't give you any errors now, since I tested it on different computers, if there's a chance that you go throught any other problems, contact me again, I'll be here to help you and to make sure that you can enjoy the game! Thank you for the feedback and for your support!

I'm gonna upload another file, that isn't related with the other two (for Windows and for macOS), maybe this time it will work!

Thank you for the support, I appreciate it! Anyway I'm working on a major update! I don't know when yet, but there will be surely some new contents in the future (and improvements as well)!

Hi! Thank you so much for your support! Anyway, that's strange, on my computer works. I'm going to upload it again anyway, if you go through any other problems please let me know! Thank you again and I wish you a beautiful day!

Oak Hill is now available on!

In this new short 2D adventure you play as Theo, a dog! After dying, you find yourself in Oak Hill, the dimension between life and death. You will have to face many challenges to reach your best friend Harriet to say goodbye and to move on.

Meet Spirit, the guide who will accompany you on this adventure.

Make permanent decisions that will forever mark your character's fate.

Discover the sad story behind this journey.

Lots of hand-drawn levels!

Available in English & Italian!