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thank you so much!! i hope u enjoy the completed version too– your comment helped motivate me to finally finish it!

this is a neat game, and as someone who adores the genre this is meant 2 portray, it got me very very excited!!

in terms of feedback, i do think its worth saying that some descriptions of the more narrative portions of the game can be a little vague? it was easy for me to figure out what "bring into play / emerge in the current scene" means for example, and i'm very familiar with the concept of framing and playing out scenes, but someone less accustomed to ttrpg conventions might find themselves a little bewildered and unsure of how to go about play?

that said, this looks very fun and i fully intend to play it in the future :O!!

just spent all morning playing thru this game in 1 sitting, & its w/o a doubt one of THE best games ive ever played!!! its incredibly emotional & intimate, & the slow unraveling of their stories is enthralling!! i rlly enjoyed slowly piecing together the reasons the characters are the way they are, and that only made their impact all the more powerful.