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It's just the alpha, more dense fevers are coming... sometime.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Absolutely hilarious, haven't laughed this much in a bit, graphics and audio are top notch.

You should write a book or a movie.

employeet is out

idk what do you wanna do with this information

it is out now, you can play or not idk I'm not yer bosss

Very fun, too bad there's a bunch of annoying bugs.
I encountered a bunch of ghost tiles/dead pixels that actually didn't have any collision. And I also had some lines that didn't clear (I assume it was caused by a ghost tile being present in the line). Would love to see a fixed version

sports thanks



read the jam page thanks

oh yes

Then I'm worried you really do deserve

have you tried asking your local lawyer?

Love the game, stack overflow references hurt too much tho.

There's a timer at the end screen of the game

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Very neat game, though I feel like the level difficulty is unbalanced. Some levels make me think I have no idea what to do, some levels are just fooling around until I get a tumour that floods the entire level (though those moments are somewhat fun, if not very puzzly). Maybe this would work as more of a sandbox or a zach-like optimization game rather than a classical puzzle.

Another note: The art is not bad but I felt the pixel shading was messy and made the game feel poorly drawn (there's not enough pixels to do random dithering), your original sterile vector graphics (as seen in your video) weren't so bad this kind of game. Personally I'd stick with the pixel art but I'd use much simpler maybe even single colour blocks with symbols painted as is.

Very fun game, just a note that two things were a bit frustrating, Tools near a ladder are an incredible nuisance to pick up (you keep climbing the ladder and you can't pick them up). The pipes feel like they break so often I might as well not bother fixing them.

The following was intended to be the angry wrestlers trying to pester you into giving them food, while being a nuissance giving more of the feel of not having control. I personally apologise for the half-baked AI, which I'll try to fix in the post-jam release.

I am so sorry for that bug, the customer AI had very little debugging done on it, maybe try again? :) I'll look into that for the post-jam release.

Wow, I have never hoped to have made anything people would make fan art for, really appreciated. 

We will look into it for the post-jam release

Very fun puzzle game, love it.

Simple gameplay but the polish is incredible for 48 hours.

Damn, I could'nt do anything about that death.

We wanted to improve the camera angle but we were short on time sadly. The spaghetification glitches were kinda an anticipated effect of using a ragdoll player character (and I personally don't know an efficient way of preventing it). Minimap is an interesting suggestion so I'll look into that when we work on the post-jam release.

I'm very glad that you liked our game and had some fun. :D

As long as you had fun, doesn't matter what you do :)

I am very sorry for the score, I really wanted to fix it but we're not allowed to publish a bug-fix. Maybe after the jam ends...

I'm glad I could put my dance lessons into use for once ^u^

Are you trying to grab the hamburger from the window it's shown in? (That's only a display one) you have to put stuff into the machine to get a hamburger, alternatively, were you close enough?

Have you tried LMB?

Beauty, the mechanic of broken controls is actually nicely integrated into the gameplay.

Chad is an unstoppable force.

To find out more about the real Chad play my game called employeet not dead it's totally as good as this.

This game stole my OC character Chad, not cool.

Good game otherwise, a solid 3/10.

so uh I was trying to ""play"" it and got into fullscreen which was not escapable and didn't respond to anything (not even Alt+F4) it took me mad computer skillz to get my computer free of this curse. 
Valve pls fix.

Good game

it bad¨

pls paly it wevy effowt

tank uranium

You seem to be the first one complimenting the incredibly rushed 2h level design... But thank you!!! We are very happy that you enjoyed the game, we're considering further development of the game with more levels but I don't want to make any promises.

Thank you. :D