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Dieses teamup war ein absoluter fehler. Jetzt sind hier nur die 7 jährigen vollidioten(sry aber muss sein) die nicht mal ein zip archiv extrahieren können. Leute in diesem alter sollten einfach keinen internetzugriff haben!

Muck ist um ein vielfaches besser als dieser müll hier

Das "spiel" kommt sicher nicht auf steam. Auf steam ein spiel hochzuladen kostet 100 USD

Endlich mal wer, de diesen müll auch als müll identifizieren kann!

Ever heard of LiveSplit?

A Playtest option for the 2d layout could be helpful. Also how are you supposed to build hexahedron gameplay?

Is that in Dragon tongue

try with Proton by adding it as a  non steam game

i have exactly one idea for this theme and its too complex for this timeframe.

its basically this: a fighting game where the ai decides what weapons you should use for the upcoming enemies. however the ai isnt very good so you start to reprogramm it to make the analysis more accurate and give better suggestions.  the ai too will make changes to itself so thats interesting. planned it for vr where you like open the back of the robot and use a scratch like programming to make the changes to the ai

Wowie Jam 4.0 community · Created a new topic VR?

Can i submit a VR game? I only have ideas involving vr

If you see the video, you know how the levels get saved. and hed have to rewrite that for an editor soooo, probably not happening

Hauptmenü.exe hat aufgehört zu existieren

that was less effort than my own minimalist platformer and thats saying somethin

i just submitted my joke game : blank white screen and immovable dot collection because they about as fun as a jam without proper management. also its a dollar 50 cents soooooooo

would be cool if oyu could count down in the game select with right click

there is a way to make held cubes move by pausing while walking and holding a cube

More like whe yre people gonna notice this may be illegal lol 

Do you have a Nintendo Controller? Try Using B as in nintendos controllers B is in position of Xbox A