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One tipp for the next game in this genre. :D You can do the "Collision-Check" better with "Pixel-Check" or creating some Points  on the track (and calculate the distance from the points to the vehicle) 


the collisions-check could be better =/

nice little game :D

really nice game, prob i also try to make a game like this :D

nice little game

Hi,  cool game. I played this demo 4 times :D

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Hi there, sry for my bad english!

So i haved play your game, nice little game! For me its too hard at the beginning :/ (Im not a good gamer). I wonder about the FileSize (nearly 100MB) but i never made a Game with i dont know about the "Normal Size"..

Thinks that i mean u can do better :)
I havent known that i order the rat with the "Right Mouse Button"
[ When i Scroll far away, and the rat get an order, the camera should go to rat (or extra Key for this)

+ Why move with "Mouse" not with "WASD"?

I hope my criticism is not to hard, kind regards ;)


oops, only now seen that its a "prototype" :/)