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Hi there, sry for my bad english!

So i haved play your game, nice little game! For me its too hard at the beginning :/ (Im not a good gamer). I wonder about the FileSize (nearly 100MB) but i never made a Game with i dont know about the "Normal Size"..

Thinks that i mean u can do better :)
I havent known that i order the rat with the "Right Mouse Button"
[ When i Scroll far away, and the rat get an order, the camera should go to rat (or extra Key for this)

+ Why move with "Mouse" not with "WASD"?

I hope my criticism is not to hard, kind regards ;)


oops, only now seen that its a "prototype" :/)

Hey, thanks for your comment! So you are able to see controls by pressing f1 which would show you can do the movement with WASD and mouse rat control. You are right about the build size it is a bit beefy at the moment. Also, that is a good idea about a keypress that locks the camera to the rat, we will implement.