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Great game honestly. I don't have much criticism to make be cause its a game that does what it is very well. Could make a great mobile game.

Good job!

This game has a lot of potential. For a game this complex a tutorial would be incredibly helpful. Also the jumping felt very snappy, like gravity was too strong. For a game where the main obstacle is platforming, getting the controls just right is essential. The camera was a bit of a problem too, but that not the games fault.

Overall, a very intriguing idea. With some more time I fell like this could be a very cool game.


This is a pretty cool idea. Its very original. The art could use more work. The insects and background seem to use completely different styles, which was weird. The background music got a bit annoying after a while but its fine. The gameplay was a mixed bag. I like the puzzle design a lot, but the controls are a little weird (like how a web throw and eating leaves use different buttons) and a bit janky. I also got stuck on a part where the caterpillar could move over the boxes for some reason.

Overall, I see some potential.

I really really like this one. It's so happy! These walking rectangles have so much character and personality and they are just adorable :3

This is the game I had the best time in this jam so far!


Very simple, but very fun!

This could easily become a good mobile-game. Even though the graphics are super simple, they really fit. Give this game some better sounds and you're good to go!

Sorry  for taking so long to reply, just left a comment on your game.

Hi just played the game.

I like the theme of the game, it very unique and makes it stand out. Traveling around the world collecting stamps sound very relaxing.

The gameplay is very simplistic, if  a bit repetitive. With some more work on the gameplay, it could become a solid mobile-game actually.

Regarding graphics, some parallax scrolling on the backgrounds and the plane rotating in the direction it's going would greatly improve the game.

I can tell that the game is quite complete, which is a shame since there's a lot of potential in this one.

Thanks for the feedback! Just left a comment on your game, had a lot of fun with it.

Hi there, awesome game!

It seems like you and I had the same idea, but very different executions. 

I ended up getting stuck on level 7 (not the most skilled player), so I can't give optimal feedback. I guess I can at least say that the difficulty was a little high for a jam game.

Regarding controls, I found it weird that when you turn around the screen moves a lot. I'm guessing it's an engine thing. Very mindful to include other control schemes, something a lot of the other games I played lacked. They felt just right!

I felt like the levels were too long. I would often die early in the level and having to play parts of the level you already know about just feel like a waste of time.

Amazing artwork! It's simple but it fits very well. I like how the player's outline changes in dark to contrast the background.

Amazing job! The best game I played so far.

Hi play played the game for a bit.

The controls are really slippery, reminds me of crazy taxi :p.

I couldn't finish the tutorial, but it was still really fun!

Good game,

Hi just played the game.

I love the retro art style! The awkward controls remind me of old school games. 

I like the concept! I felt a bit defenseless at the beginning so I would like to get the boxer guys a bit sooner.

Anyway, good job one this one!

Hey there just played the game for a bit.

I love concept! Playing with the boomerang was very fun.

I felt a bit directionless and didn't really know what to do. Maybe some instructions at the start would help. Also how do you defeat the enemies? Couldn't figure that one out.

Anyway, good game!